The Road Home

The Road Home
There is no place like home.

Food For Thought


Our Normal Abnormal Life

We Were Born for Times Such as These

Hope Springs Eternal

What are you doing NOW?

The Zombies Are Already Here

What You Know Might Save You

Without Food, You Are Dead

You Can't Go Back

Reality or Delusion?

Sit Down & Shut Up

Hmmm...... I need to grow more food

Government's Uncivil War

Life Is More Serious

Any Time, Any Place

Places We Read with a Rant


On the Brink

For Our Health

Holy Bible, KJV; Proverbs 31

She's a Grand Old Flag

The Line Has Been Drawn

Please Take a Look at This One Again

Has Reality Come to Stay?

Do You Have the Discipline to Survive?

Name One Good Leader

Got Food? For How Long?

One More Wake Up Call

Death by Design


How Many Different Ways Can You Cook?

A Pandemic of Preparedness

The Community Trading Post 


Fit to Survive

A Group of Your Own

No Crisis Here, Move Along - A Re-Post

What Do You Think?

Playground Politics

Pondering, Fishing & Pigs

Please Enjoy a Review - Too Big to Fall

The Versatility of Things

Where's the Cheese?

What Did Our Predecessors Think?

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

A Pervasive Sense of Dread

Independence Day

What If I Were Deaf?

Survival Gardening Scenario

We Are Two! Be Vigilant!

The Time Is Now

Women & Survival

An Addendum; Our Journey to Better Health

Trouble Is Brewing - A Re-Post

Planning or Dreaming? By Ralph, the full article

Planning or Dreaming? by Ralph

My First Rag Rug & Some Thoughts on the World

Some Things I've Been Reading

Stress Effects Your Survivability - A Re-Post

Our Journey to Better Health

Too Big To Fall - A Re-Post

Musings About Things on Frank's Birthday

The Androgynous Generation

When There Is No Toilet Paper

How Do I Help Others Prepare?

When There Are No Pellets

These Dark, Somber Days

So You're Prepared.....Really?   A Re-Post

Just Grow Up!

Musings From the Farm

Alarming Ebola News

Health News - Beware of the Dangers Out There

Which Way Is Up?

In Memory of September 11, 2001; Lest We Forget

Things of Concern

Life As We Know It......

Survival Reading

Beware of Health Risks

What Is a Maunder Minimum?

Why Food Is Killing Us

Food For Thought From Ol' Remus

What's Wrong With the Food?

Friends & Neighbors

Tangible Assets, Re-Posted

Things You Might Want to Read

What Eating Out Does To Us

Free Food....For the Picking

We're One!

Life As We Know It

Trouble Is Brewing

The High Cost of Food

Follow the Yellow Brick Road? Not Me

No Crisis Here, Move Along

Trying To Escape Chemicals

People Are Fed Up

Maintaining an Affordable Life

Survivor Psychology

Too Big To Fall

When You're Sick & Down

The Times, They Are A Changin'

Dream Big, Be Patient

So You're Prepared.....Really??

Sharing Plants With Children

So You Want a Day Off?

Don't Ever Give Up!

Let's Hear It For The Grey-Haired Geezers!!

Stress Effects Your Survivability

Wake-y! Wake-y! The Wolf Is At The Door

The Snares of the World

Bring Me Sunshine

Contentment and Peace in the Face of Pending Disaster

You Can NEVER Have Too Many Books

Learning From Life's Successes and Failures

TEOTWAWKI, Two Years Later

Labor Day Isn't About Labor

Changes in the Wind?

What Happened To Normal?

What Would You Do?

What Is Truly Precious?

Tangible Assets

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Life Experiences - You Just Never Know

How We Got Here

Television? What Television?

Peace In a Stressful World

Greetings From the Country

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