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The Road Home
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Lacto Fermented Oatmeal

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Well, it did to me when research about fermented oatmeal lead me to try something different with our breakfast cereal.

Two years ago when we found out Frank needed a double bypass, research about natural ways to lower cholesterol and blood pressure went into high gear. The soluble fiber found in oatmeal, as well as apples, carrots, flax and a number of other foods, is thought to help lower the LDL, or bad cholesterol, in the bloodstream. The initial blood work indicated Frank's cholesterol was within the recommended overall level, but his LDL was 142. The doctors recommended 100 or below, so I went to work on our diet.

Initially, we ate regular oatmeal with a little goat milk, sea salt and water, brought to a boil, removed from the heat, covered and let sit for about 5-10 minutes for absorption. A small pat of butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few berries, finished off the bowl when served. We also cut out bacon from our breakfast at this time. For a number of years we had a strip of bacon, two eggs and berries for breakfast as part of our low carbohydrate diet.

The change in diet lowered Frank's LDL from 142 to 103 in about three months. The doctor was very impressed, but still wanted him to take statins, which he did not, and still doesn't, take. The side effects of many of the medications they wanted Frank to take for the rest of his life were many and wide ranging. Now, two years later, his LDL is 98 with diet alone. Of course, now the doctors recommend it be 70 or lower because of his bypass. The numbers are ever changing to benefit the medical industry, in our opinion.

Jar on the left is 48 hours old, jar on the right is 24 hours old.

All of this leads us to the research on fermented oatmeal. The addition of a carbohydrate heavy item to our breakfast was impacting the scale and waistline a little so I wondered if we could still reap the benefits of oatmeal, yet decrease the carb load through fermenting like we do wheat for our sourdough bread. That lead me to this site, which in turn, lead me this one that incorporated yogurt into the regimen.

Now we don't strictly follow either of the routines depicted at these sites, but over time, this is what we have ended up doing.

In a quart jar I add:
About 1 cup of filtered water
2/3 cup regular oats
Approximately 1-2 tbsp. kefir

This jar will sit on the counter for 48 hours, swished around a couple of times a day, before we have it for breakfast. There is no cooking required by this time, the oats have softened, so it takes little time too heat. After I pour it in the saucepan, a good sprinkle of sea salt is added. It will thicken and bubble when it reaches a certain temperature, then the burner is turned off, the pan is covered and allowed to sit for a few minutes while the eggs are cooking.

This old broken spatula came from my Mom's house when she went in the nursing home.

We serve the oatmeal with a small amount of butter, sprinkle of cinnamon and a few berries. No sweetener. It's different. The kefir adds a different flavor which takes a little getting used to, but it's good. By the way, I didn't tell you the kefir I use has been strained and flavored with juice from the berries, cinnamon and honey, allowed to continue fermenting on the counter for a few hours before refrigeration to consume some of the carbs in the fruit juice and honey. I don't really measure it out anymore either, I just pour some into the oatmeal jar.

Oat husks


I have discovered after everything is put in the jar and stirred up, the few oat husks there are float to the top of the liquid, so I fish them out with a spoon. A side benefit of fermenting.

Another benefit to fermenting the oats is adding another form of probiotics to our diet. Since Frank and I are retired, we don't go much. This prevents exposure to the many germs, viruses and illnesses out in the general population, but we have also discovered that we don't get sick near as often as many people we know. There is no way to tell how much may be lack of exposure and how much is diet and life style, it's probably a combination of both.

Please share your experiences and ideas. There are medications Frank & I do take that we need, and are grateful for, but it's our choice what we put in our bodies, as it is for you.

Until next time - Fern

P.S. Please enjoy this beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton.

Friday, February 15, 2019


Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This is the weekly installment of a previous article. It deals with a terrorist act that occurred in France a few years back, not the current events going on with the Yellow Vests.

Why the title Intolerance? Some of us believe it's time to quit turning the other cheek and quit accepting that boot in the face. So, intolerance will be a new theme around 'Frank & Fern'. If you agree or disagree, please let us know, because I am tired of turning the other cheek.

So, we'll see where this goes. It's time to take a stand. Hope you enjoy the article.

We'll talk more later, Frank Feral

Originally published November 14, 2015

One More Wake Up Call

In the wake of the latest acts of terrorism, our prayers are with the people of France, and people the world over. One of the frequent comments we've read since last night is, where is this going to happen next? When will it happen here? Unfortunately, we live in a day and time where the expectation of a terror attack, an economic collapse, or a government take over of the country is common around the globe. No wonder there are so many people that continue to deny the possibility of these things happening, they are unbelievable. How can our world have come to this place and time? How could we have let this happen?

Giving in or appeasing has never been equated with safety or respect of power. Once civilization reached the point of meeting the demands of people because if they didn't it was racist or a hate crime, all was lost. If someone shows up at your door demanding entrance and accommodations, can you deny them? Maybe on an individual level, but apparently it is no longer allowed on a national level. Why is that? Who decided to change the rules? Bleeding heart liberals, that's who. People that never worked a day in their lives. People that think it's okay to take something you have just because they want it. That is a generalization and may include some folks that don't actually deserve to belong in that group, but if they don't, they know who they are, and can exclude themselves.

We watched a video by Ann Barnhardt not long ago and the the statement that stuck with me the most is that she is no longer a nice person. Nice is weak, nice gives in to the demand of others whether they are valid demands or not. Nice gets people killed. Frank and I are no longer nice people either. Sometimes we offend people with the things we say and write. That's okay. Sometimes things need to be said that others don't want to hear.

Recently Frank had a conversation with an intelligent, professional woman. She has a gun, but won't shoot it because she is afraid of it. Her husband now travels a lot and she is home alone with their three young daughters, all beautiful girls, and so is this woman. When Frank asked her what she would do if men broke in and had their way with her oldest 10 year old daughter, what would she do, she almost looked sick at her stomach. What would you do? Watch? Scream? What good would that do? There are things in this world that are not nice and getting less nice by the minute. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it but watch it unfold, and unfold it will whether we like it or not.

If you are someone that is preparing for an uncertain future, because you have no doubt it is coming, I'm sure the events in Paris have caused your heart to skip a beat or two. It has also caused you to review your preparations, and begin another list of things you would like to have, or need to have, before that time arrives. I can only hope that Christmas trees will find many, many useful instead of frivolous, items underneath them this year. Things like buckets of wheat and a grinder, extra socks that the kids will grow into, garden seeds and tools, anything that is needed for a serious survival lifestyle.

As Frank and I read the news about Paris last night, we began to discuss what we needed to get, before we can't any more. That is something we have given much thought today. We are making serious plans to accomplish or acquire some needed things. Soon. Very soon.

One thing we need to keep in mind is the curfew or martial law that occurred in France as these coordinated attacks unfolded. It's something to seriously think about. What would martial law do to your life? Your routine? Access to family or friends? There are areas of the country that are having difficulty dealing with law enforcement because of heavy handed, militaristic tactics. There are other areas that work hand in hand with their law enforcement officers, because they are all on the same page, protecting and serving their communities. Do you know which kind of community you live in?

There will come a day, that appears to be getting closer by the second, that we will no longer leave our home. Will it make any difference? I don't know. Will there be folks that come to the gate begging or demanding? I don't know for sure, but we expect them. Will we be able to defend what is ours and survive the coming catastrophe? I don't know that either. What I do know is that we are no longer nice people. If someone comes demanding, it won't end well, one way or the other. If someone comes to harm and take, that won't end well either. Will we come out on the 'winning' side of any of these encounters? There will come a day when winning means living another day and losing means death.

What I do know is that resentment is building. There are people that resent the fact that some people worked hard all their lives for what they have. There are people that demand to have what everyone else has that haven't worked a day in their lives. There are people that resent folks that can't work through no fault of their own. There is a growing group of people that resent working hard all of their lives to pay for those that refuse to work. There is a national movement to divide the races that is causing groups of people to be a target just because of how they look or talk. This too is building resentment among different peoples. What good can possibly come of this? Will people band together and refuse to take part in the coming wars against those that aren't the same or don't have as much? We can only pray so. But it won't be the case in many locations, that has already been proven over and over and over. What about where you live? Know what surrounds you.

So, will all of our preparations make a difference in the coming collapse of society, or not? There is no way to know that until it happens. We only know that if we are to die, by whatever means, that we want to do it 'with our boots on' working side by side to survive, doing everything we possibly can. Neither one of us want to have to look the other in the eye and say, "Well, things will be okay. The government will take care of us." Or the neighbors, or the notorious 'they' will take care of us. There is no way on earth that we want to be dependent upon someone else to provide when we are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. Dependence is weakness and when the SHTF, weakness is death.

The atrocities in France are one more wake up call for all of us. We don't believe anyone can actually be ready for what is coming. We can only try to be ready, and try with all our might. If there are those among us that choose not to try, then they have sealed their fate. If a person will not lift a finger, or spend a dollar to provide for themselves, their children and their families, then I pity them and we'll pray for them, but there is no way we will jeopardize our lives and safety for them. We will not be nice appeasers giving in to the demands of those that would not be satisfied with a crust of bread for a starving child, but insist their needs and wants be met just because we did prepare and have food on our table with a warm roof over our heads.

Folks, there are some very, very difficult decisions coming to all of us. If you have not given deep, serious thought to what you will do in the coming days, you need to. Mental preparation is one of the most important parts of being prepared. Discuss what you will do when someone comes demanding to be fed, housed, clothed and entertained. Come to a decision that everyone can abide by, and do it now before the scenario unfolds. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

I can only wish I never had to write these words. Wishing doesn't change the condition of the world or the need to be prepared for what is coming. Evil walks the land and it has many faces. It laughs in the face of death, terror and horror. Plan, then execute your plans with unwavering determination.

Until next time - Fern


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What Happened to My Hand

Somehow, during the initial surgery on my right hand for trigger finger release, I got an infection, actinomyces. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It's a form of bacteria that is common in the mouth of humans and many animals. Normal old bacteria, they're everywhere and usually don't cause any trouble. Not this time.

The infection showed up in the palm of my right hand when the incision reopened and started weeping a clear, plasma type liquid about two weeks after surgery, about mid December, 2015. The surgeon had already seen me again and cleared me for all activities indicating it was healing very well. We went back to see him and his concern was there was some kind of particulate that was in there causing problems. The hand never got a nasty, pus-like infection, just this clear weeping. They ran blood cultures and all kinds of things, but everything came back negative.

My hand before it broke open and started weeping the first time.

We had scheduled to have the trigger finger on my left hand fixed in late December, so he went back into the right hand as well and 'cleaned it out'. That seemed to work fine until about mid February when it swelled up and got very painful. Back to the surgeon we went. He was very concerned. You see, we liked this surgeon, he was young, very intelligent and a prepper. We had already discussed some of the books his dad made him read which started him down the path of preparing for a collapse. Interesting, huh?

Well, he put a steroid shot in the hand for the swelling, began to massage it in and the incision opened up again - six weeks after the last surgery. He knew something was very wrong and we scheduled another surgery for the next day to take a tissue sample and send it off to be cultured. That took about a week. Then we got a phone call on March 4th, three months after the original surgery in early December.

'You need to come to the hospital right now and start a week of IV antibiotics'. What? And have another surgery for a debridement - removal of the tendon sheath material surrounding the surgery site of the trigger release. Well, we quickly took care of the animals, packed up some necessities and went to the hospital, 60 miles away. Needless to say, this was rather scary. The infectious disease doctor that met us in the ER scared us to death. He couldn't tell me if I would lose my hand or that the infection hadn't spread all over my body.

I was put on high doses of IV penicillin for the week I was there, had a fourth surgery on that hand where the surgeon roto-rootered out the area in the palm and up and down the finger to try to clean out every last bit of that infection. Frank drove back and forth everyday to take care of the animals and be with me at night. He was beyond exhausted and never complained once, not once.

Upon release from the hospital, I was sent home with a pic line in my arm and arrangements for home health to assist us in another three weeks of IV antibiotics. My loving husband got to change the penicillin and put another syringe of antibiotics in my line everyday. All of this made me very sick, along with
trying to recuperate the use of my right hand. Yes, I am right handed. During this month I was basically quarantined. I could not touch an animal and wouldn't go around people to minimize the risk of infection through the pic line. Pic lines are scary things, giving access straight to the blood stream and heart if anything gets through the barrier. I didn't take a shower, just did sponge baths for a month. Frank helped me wash my hair by spraying it with the shower head as I knelt beside the tub and used one hand. The release from that pic line was one happy day. After the nurse left that removed it, I went straight to the barn to see my dog and goats. Up until then I had only been able to look at them through the fence for a month.

All through this, we had weekly trips to the infectious disease doctor, with first daily, then weekly blood tests. This doctor wanted me to stay in the hospital for the whole month. We refused and went with home health and frequent 60 mile trips back to see him and run the tests.

Following the IV antibiotics, were five more months of very strong oral antibiotics that also gave me headaches and made me sick. Because of the long term doses of the medication I did a lot of research on digestive track damage and recovery. I took a probiotic capsule everyday, drank gallons of kefir and started adding inulin to our coffee. To this day, I feel that my digestive track hasn't returned to it's former state. We do what we can diet wise, but what is done is done. 

After all of the antibiotic treatment was finished, I had a bone scan, CT scan of my heart, MRIs of my hand, abdominal organs and brain. All to make sure the infection had not metastasized during the three months it was active before detection and that the antibiotic treatment had been effective. The constant blood work throughout the treatment was to make sure none of them were causing liver or organ damage. 

In the end, the surgeon was surprised how much flexibility I regained in my hand and finger. He said most people that have had four surgeries at the same site, don't have near the range of motion. I told him it was hand milking goats that did it, along with hours of self physical therapy. It took a long time and I still don't have full range of motion or a strong grip. I drop things a whole lot more, but after about a year my brain adjusted to the new 'normal' of my hand.

Now, life goes on. I can't say I dealt with it very well at the time, I was angry for a while, felt so sick I couldn't and didn't do much, got fairly depressed while quarantined, but finally came out of all of that. Life is what it is and sometimes dishes up some fairly unpalatable experiences. I just had to remind myself that it is not the experience in and of itself that is most important, but what you learn from it in the process. Being a willing learner is sometimes the most difficult part. That is true of what is happening in our world and country. Take it for what it really is instead of what we wish it was. Learn and accept, this is where we are. Then get on down the road.

Until next time - Fern

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Deep State Government is the Enemy

The conservatives of our country cannot foment the 'resistance' that the left is currently doing, and most don't understand the ramifications of how their actions are decimating our country. The left is following their Gramcian plans and it is coming to a head. This is not new, this has been going on since before the Civil Rights amendment ruined many lives by enslaving people to the government trough, and taking away independent ways of life. Question: Why can't the conservatives 'resist' the left?

This article is very good. Read it. Ponder it. Then come back here.

What do we do? Somebody smarter than us has to come up with a solution. We need leadership.The Tea Party? The left demonized them as being teabaggers and they quietly faded away. We can't say anything about people of color, that is hate speech. The left can do it because they are the government, so it is legal for them. Read the article again, then come back. Pay attention to the professional, purposeful organizers it speaks of and this quote "You can’t defeat an implacable enemy you refuse to name or willfully underestimate."

Ladies and Gentlemen. The government is the enemy. You know what we're taught? Vote. Look at some of those white shirted women that were elected by the people. Did the voters just stay home that day? Partake a bit too much of the 'medicinal' cocktails that numb the mind and blind the ability to see the end results? What happened to that powerful, career democratic politician in New York? How was he replaced by someone without any realistic connections to this planet? But that's okay, the world will end in 12 years anyway if you listen to her, so don't sweat it.

This next statement should discredit everything we say and will ever say. But here goes. If you believe the official government narrative of the following events, then you are naive and might as well quit reading anything we ever write. Here's the list.

If you believe:
  • The Civil War was fought over slavery instead of economics.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin event actually occurred.
  • The Waco Massacre that incinerated women and children when David Koresh could have been arrested at a diner having a cup of coffee.
  • Ruby Ridge killed an innocent woman while standing in a doorway holding her baby because of trumped up charges on her husband.
  • Pearl Harbor could have been prevented. The government knew the Japanese were coming.
  • The 9/11 damage could never, ever have been caused by two planes. Impossible.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing didn't affect some government workers, like the FBI. Somehow they were at a different location that day.
  • The Kennedy Assassination was from one magic bullet.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq existed.
  • The Boston Tea Party was about taxes.

There are other events that just do not fit with reality either, it's a long list. The official narrative on all of these stories comes from who? The government. Every telephone call, every email message, text message, social media contact, anything published on the internet - like this - all of your 'private' credit card transactions are monitored by the government 24/7. If you drive anywhere there is a government camera watching you - stop lights, banks, big box stores, Mom & Pop stores - government has access to all of these. 

There are exceptions to this, of course. Like when that big jet crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 and then vaporized because the fire melted everything and there was not one camera view from anywhere, private, public or government that saw it. But, of course, we all know it happened, the government told us it did. Imagine the Pentagon did not have one camera view of that big jet hitting the building. Not one. But I'm sure they have a camera view of every person, every automobile, every movement anywhere in that area, except that big jet. Hogwash! But that's the government's story. A bunch of guys from Afghanistan and a few from Saudi Arabia put this whole project together.

We need a leader. Look at what happened in England. Tommy Robinson. He was warned not to say something, said it again, and went to jail. Look at Brexit. The people voted. It doesn't matter what they voted, the government doesn't want it.

Look at the problems with Italy and France. Italy is not responding to the bully, France. Europe has ruined their countries, ruined them by bringing in third world immigrants by the millions. And, guess what? We do it everyday. Everyday! Building a wall won't stop it, but it will surely help. The left wants to flood us to the point that their control, through a dependent voting block, will be permanent. Can't get enough red blooded American's to vote for you? Import votes! Legal, illegal, immoral, unjust? Who cares, as long as power and control are maintained. The government is the enemy. All those people that come across the border? Send them back. But the government won't do that. It's illegal. See the connection here??? 

We need leadership. I said that earlier. WE need leadership. Conservatives don't fight back, they just wait for things to 'go back to normal'. Well, wake up folks, this is the new normal, or Realville, as the article calls it.We're not going back to anything. The government will continue pounding on people's doors at 5:00 in the morning with guns pointed at the heads of your wife and children. It's too late to say, hold on there now, just wait a minute, my three year old Billy didn't do anything wrong. Billy's crime was being born into a family that believes in freedom, is the wrong color, whose parents don't march lock step the way they're told. You know, the 'old' freedom of anyone being able to say what they think, not just those of 'the resistance' on the left.

Until WE quit being afraid of saying what we think and standing up
for what we want in our country, the left will continue to pound us into submission which will grow and grow until there is nothing left but blank-eyed, moronic, submissive robotic, used-to-be humans. But this won't happen, the sheeple won't stand up for anything. Not as long people sit on their couch and stare at that box on the wall, nodding their heads in unison. You know. Robotic.

Folks, we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved, pacified and subdued through the many long years of attacks by the left, which means by our government. At first we believed it was reasonable to treat people with respect and accept others viewpoint and opinions, but it's gotten to the point that if you don't follow them, you are the enemy to be destroyed, outlawed and decimated by any means necessary. Legality, morality and fairness don't play into the picture. The time is actually past, that action should have been taken and it's probably too late. But if not now, then when? When will it be truly too late to prevent the total enslavement of us all? I know it's unbelievable to many that other 'Americans' would enslave us for their own purposes, but it's happening and has been happening for years. Remember! Don't get on the bus! It's just that now the curtain has been dropped and we can see what has been building for a long, long time.

Did you watch the State of the Union? Did you hear many people in our Congress stand and chant, "USA, USA, USA, USA!!" Did it tug at your heart strings? The USA they are chanting for is on life support in ICU. The heartbeat of the country is failing, and soon will be in arrest, and many of us under arrest, if there is not massive intervention. The heartbeat of our country is fading. Can you still hear it? We have allowed the government to become the enemy of the people. How do we crack open the chest of our country and repair that heart, bolster it's ability to function again? CPR won't do it anymore, we need a drastic, massive intervention.

What do we do? How do we resuscitate our lives, honor and sacred duty to our beloved USA? We need leadership and a plan. We can sit around and continue to type out complaints about what is happening, but that doesn't change anything, it's just whining on a computer while sitting in a comfortable, climate controlled building. Which is what we're doing right now with this article. What good does that really do? 

It may possibly make a few more people aware. Okay, so then what? There are more people aware of what is happening. Many people believe it is too late, and we would probably agree. We always want to go back, we need to go back. To where? Why should we expect a different answer from the same problems that got us where we are right now. We don't think socialism will work. Why would it? It never has. This country is somewhat of a socialist nation right now with many, many social programs, and that is not going to change. People are not going to turn off their TV and they are not going to get off their couch. Okay a couple might, but the vast majority are not.

WE, you and I, need to put our heads together and support each other's efforts to impact the current events in our country. We, all of us, need to develop a plan. It has got to start now. Remember, all politics are local. We still need to vote, and we still need to be polite and courteous in our dealings, but we need to do what we can. We need a plan to defend ourselves, and we also need a plan to take back what we have lost. I believe that is the tough part. We need solid leadership. Where do we look for that? Not in the Swamp. Look at our founding Fathers. Yes, they had their motives, and not all of their motives were pure, but they were willing to sacrifice. How many of us are actually willing to sacrifice to change what we see is wrong in our country? Lives, fortunes and sacred honor. That's what the Founders pledged. What about us?

Now is the time. How can we participate in impacting our local government? Yes, voting is one way. What kind of officials are in office in your area? School boards, county officials, city officials, all of them. Do they support your goals, dreams and wishes for the country? Are they working to reinvigorate the heart of our country or rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of the final, fatal hour? The current government structure that reigns in most communities is the enemy.

We live out in a rural, county area. We don't have city officials, but we do have county. Each election we vote to remove everyone in office unless we have knowledge of an opposing candidate that doesn't meet our goals. That isn't much is it? Will it change the tenor of our country? No. What else can WE, all of us, do? If you are able, can you run for office? Can you be part of the PTA? Go to school board and city council meetings? Have your voice be heard?

Remember, the sheep don't like the sheepdogs. They are afraid of them and therefore, despise and revile them because they don't understand how someone could possibly be that way. Then at the first sign of danger, they run to the sheepdogs begging, and in some cases demanding, entry, protection, supplies and a way into the 'safe' areas, i.e. our country, neighborhood or property. The current cadre of sheeple hate us and want us dead. Period. At least until their theories, actions and 'community organizers' call for their demise because they no longer 'fit' into the latest, greatest call for uniformity, conformity and submission. 

This man took a stand along with the criticism and lost customers that it caused.

If you stand up and call for change, don't conform to the Social Justice Warrior (SJW), cry baby, snowflake, pink hatted, white shirted sheeple agenda, you WILL be condemned, hated and in some cases outright attacked. You may be arrested for some trumped up charge of hate or abuse. That's how they are winning, attack, attack, attack. Look at what they are doing to President Trump. Do you actually think it would be any different for you or I? We don't have the position, power or protection the President has, so for us, it would probably be worse. The Trump phenomenon has taught us something. To affect a change you have to be willing to stick your neck out and take whatever comes your way. Then, when it comes, stand up for what is right. Don't let others beat you down into submission.

We are much more comfortable staying in our nice safe cocoon, insulated from the world and all of it's woes. Ol' Remus's advice to avoid crowds is still one of our mottos, and has been for years. So how do we blend these two perspectives or worlds together? So, the question remains. What do we do? What can each of us do? Will it make a difference in the end? We don't know. The heart of our country still beats, faint at times though it seems. It's audible, sometimes louder and stronger, sometimes almost so faint that we expect to hear of it's failure, failure so drastic that it is fatal. Failure is unacceptable. Final. 

Frank & Fern

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Winter of Our Demise

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Saturday, for no particular reason, is a slower day around our house, and it just seems to be a good day to post an older article. We're going to try this on Saturdays in the future and see how it works.

The information included below is still relevant to our times. I would appreciate your comments, words of wisdom and thoughts about how we can improve our society. That should keep everybody busy for days.

I hope you enjoy this Saturday morning, leisurely read.

Originally published May 2, 2015

A month or so back, Fern and I were driving down some long, lonesome highway somewhere, going to a place that I can't remember where we went. But while we were traveling, I observed some of the changes that occur during the seasons, and at that same time, it dawned on me that
there are lots of seasonal changes. Plants in the garden for the most part grow one year and are gone. Some come back the next year and some don't, but there are other types of seasonal events that happen. In my neck of the woods, folks grow and harvest pine trees. They just seem to have a longer season, somewhere between 20 and 30 years. There are also people. I'm approaching 66 years. I might have 10 more days or maybe 10 more years, God willing. But see, my season started with conception, and my season will end when I take my last breath. Let's guesstimate and say 70 years. In 70 years, I'm a spring chicken compared to some in the tortoise world. So, you get my idea here. I've read about some insects that only live a couple of days. That's their entire season.

Now, so much for the trip down memory lane. What I'd like to talk about is the season of our demise. You see our country, like all other countries, is controlled by a beginning, a middle and an end. Like some fruit flies that live for two days, and some trees that live for hundreds of years, everything has a beginning and an end. I raise goats. A good, solid, productive goat will produce somewhere around 10 years. I've seen baby goats born, and live 10 years, and I've seen baby goats born that never see another sunrise.

So, in the history of our developed world, our country, the United States of America, is a relatively young, thriving nation. I know some would question that, and in a moment I'm going to explain what I mean. But as nation, we are showing growing pains. Like me, we're starting to show our age and things are starting to slow down. That is part of the process of being mature. One of the things that I have accepted is that someday I am going to die. Sad as it is, someday our great nation will cease to exist as we currently know it. 

Let's step back in history a little bit. Not many of us around today actually remember the Great Depression. There are a few older folks around that still do, but not many. I would venture to say that most folks under 30 know very little about the Great Depression. Like the depression we're in right now, back then there was a debate as to when it started and when it ended. But have no doubt, we are currently in a financial depression. Play any word game you want, or do the semantic shuffle, but we are in a depression, because we have been in a severe recession for over six years.

Let's get back to the Great Depression. What caused it? Who knows? Who knows what's caused the depression we're in right now? Remember, the winners write the history books, and we are only taught what very influential people want us to know. But are you aware that in our great nation we have had multiple severe depressions? Actually it's really no big deal, because most people
back a 100 or so years ago, were extremely poor. This affluent society that we live in today, and you quibble, "We don't live in an affluent society!". You might say, "I only have one SUV in front of my house." Well folks, 100 years ago, let's say 1915, there were no SUVs. If you had a covered type chariot for daily transportation, you were wealthy. Now remember 100 years ago, 1915, few, very few people had electricity. That same few did not have running water and there was no such thing as a Wal-Mart Super Center. Credit was unheard of for the most part. Few, few people owned firearms. You can see the pattern here. By the way, in 1915 we were in one of those severe depressions.

What do you think got us out of that depression? It's the same thing that got us out of the Great Depression. It's called war. But right before we got into World War I, a private group of the very wealthy and influential folks created the Federal Reserve banking system. You hear about it occasionally on the news now days. Ever heard of quantitative easing? Or liquidity? Have you ever heard that
 the dollar has been devalued to just about nothing? Some people think this is a direct result of the creation of the Federal Reserve system. Which, by the way, the word Federal is just a name, like Federal Express is just a name. It is convenient, though, that it was started right before World War I. Okay. A depression before World War I, the Great Depression before World War II, and I don't know what history will call the depression we're in right now, we'll have to wait and see on that one. But can you guess what's coming? Good guess. Let's back up one more time.

While Europe was fighting, back in the late 30's and early 40's, the United States became the industrial base for the world. Remember the winners write the history books, and we were the good guys, along with western Europe that we were providing war supplies to, so that they could fight the bad guys. You know, Hitler and the Nazis. During this period before we were involved in World War II, our industrial base was ramped up to full capacity. But the war in Europe didn't go too well. 

A little history here. We had huge convoys of supplies leaving our ports and going to Europe as fast as we could make them, and as fast as the supply ships that we were building could carry them. Well, remember those horrible Hitler Nazis? They took out full page ads in our east coast newspapers advising the American public that they were going to start sinking those supply ships. And they did. But they warned our country multiple times. Remember we were supplying western Europe with bullets, beans and bandages. So they did start sinking some of our ships. Soon the war cry went out and we sent our good, homegrown, American boys to Europe, and we helped defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Let's skip over to the Pacific now. We all know that the Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor. Did the American government know that Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed? History now shows that yes, absolutely, they knew. But do you know why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? It's because we put an embargo where the Japanese could not import oil. Japan was a quasi modern, industrial nation and we shut off their oil supply. We know what they did. It's called Pearl Harbor. 

Okay, now we have a war on two fronts. Our industrial base really kicks in now. Everybody is working. My mommy worked in an aircraft plant. All the men, or most of them anyway, went to fight in
the war. My dad and his brother went to Europe, and my mother's two brothers went to the Pacific. Why all this history stuff? Because this is the beginning of the "spring" of our nation. We destroyed, and I believe rightly so, the industrial base of most of Europe. What we didn't destroy, the German's took care of before we got there. The same thing happened in Japan. So, World War II is over, all of our soldiers are coming home, and everybody needs jobs.

Jobs were there. We had passed the Rural Electrification Act, so all those back woods, country, hicks could now get rid of their icebox and get a refrigerator, and every other modern convenience that their citified cousins had. At the same time we're also rebuilding Europe, Japan and England, which Hitler pretty much
took care of destroying. Let's take a look at things now. The British economy along with it's infrastructure and industrial base, was pretty much destroyed. The same with most of industrial Europe and Japan. Britain was the reserve currency, but now their economy was in shambles. The reserve currency now becomes the U.S. dollar. This means that most international trading is done with dollars. At that time the United States had beyond a doubt the strongest economy, the strongest industrial base and the strongest military. You say, "What about China?" China was still closed to outsiders, so at that time, they did not figure into the picture. 

Guys like my daddy are now helping build appliances, or automobiles, or any of the thousand items that our new, blossoming industrial base can produce. The
good folks in Europe and Japan want these products also. People are leaving farms by the droves to go get the citified jobs, so they can live and work in a town, buy a little house, which they're building by the thousands, which means more jobs, so the cities are expanding, infrastructure has to develop, neighborhoods and streets need to be built. Don't forget your rural country cousins that now have electricity, they're in the process of getting water and sewage to every house. Times are great. Times are wonderful. Everybody is working and everybody is happy. We are coming into the "summer" of our content. 

Southern California is growing like a weed, the valleys of California have been turned from desert into the most prolific producers of food the world has ever seen. Highways are being built, along with hydroelectric dams, and now the common man can get credit. You see, everything is growing. Except the farm population, that is. But, no big deal. The farmers now have larger pieces
of equipment, stronger credit, which means companies like John Deere can produce more jobs. The growth just never seems to stop. The whole world is trading in U.S. dollars. Europe is getting back on their feet. Japan has made some shifts from their Imperial based society to a more democratic based system. Japan is ready to take off on a financial venture that has never been seen or replicated since. But in the modern world, as of today, Japan's financial system is in serious dire straights. They are the fast track of what we are. Their economy will never survive.

But, back to the good Ole' U.S. of A. During all this time, we the happy Americans, are becoming a huge consumer based society. We now have more junk than we will ever need or use in our lives. We bought so much stuff from Japan that they had to outsource their work to the Philippines and then Malaysia. Japan can't produce enough, fast enough for our insatiable desire for consumerism.

Something we haven't talked about yet is that during and after World War II, we are the largest oil exporting nation on the planet. Imagine that. We were the largest oil exporting nation on the planet. It's not that our oil production abilities decreased, it's our oil consumption increased. Even though we're still producing huge amounts of oil, we have now become an oil importing nation. Most of that oil comes from various countries, but primarily Saudi Arabia. Things are still good, things are still happy, but we should start seeing a pattern here. It was about 1957 when we shifted from exporting to importing oil. As mentioned earlier, credit had opened
up for the common man, but things were still not growing fast enough. Our currency was based on the gold standard. The same gold that in 1933, President Roosevelt legally and conveniently stole from the American people. But, in a brilliant financial move, President Nixon removed us from the limitations of the gold standard, and the U.S. dollar was now free to grow as fast as it could. We're looking at the end of our summer season here.
Going off of the gold standard, with the unfettered dollar, the common man, through changes in banking policies, now could comfortably put that piece of plastic in his wallet. We are still a consumer nation. We need more, we need to feed that addiction toconsumerism. Madison Avenue has now become experts
  at convincing us that we need more. Don't worry about it, you can pay for it later. Just put it on your credit card. But everything is still LOOKING good. We not only have one SUV in our driveway, we now have two! Suburbs are growing at a phenomenal rate. People are now escaping the cities, that 20 or so years ago, they were leaving the farm to move to. More expansion, more infrastructure, more roads, more electricity, water, and so forth. Don't forget, since 1945 up to the mid 60's we had a huge population growth in this country. Why not? Life is good, we are living in the lap of luxury, and we are the envy of the world. But there is a sickness brewing. We are addicted to consumerism. I want more. Everybody has two cars, and a big, cheap house out in the suburbs. Gasoline is cheap. I can drive anywhere I want to. I have earned that right. Debt just continues to build. 

I can remember in 1978 when economists said that the Dow Jones would never cross 1000. Well, obviously, they were wrong. That phenomena hasn't changed any. For the most part, economists are just talking heads. You see, we're starting to go downhill. Abortions are now legal. Marriage is starting it's decline. Man is rich, he doesn't need God anymore. We start to see financial bubbles coming up and collapsing. We get involved in the
Vietnam War. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Supposedly some of their little bitty boats fired on one of our ships, and Johnson agreed to escalate our involvement in Vietnam. Ten years later, about 79,000 of our soldiers are dead, and who knows how many of the Vietnamese we killed. We find out later that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened. It was a lie. Or as Hillary Clinton would say, somebody misspoke. It never happened. The Vietnam War tore our country apart. Some think that's when the rapid social decay of our nation started. Remember Hanoi Jane? To this day I don't understand why she is not in prison for treason. 79,000 young men and women died for some unknown reason. But we do know historically, that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.

The military industrial complex made fortunes, and it did provide jobs in this country. The undertones from the Vietnam War left an indelible mark on society. During this time we saw the Civil Rights Amendment, which in theory was probably the right thing to do. But in application, it's the Civil Rights Amendment that is now allowing same sex marriage in our country. So, be careful what you
wish for, because I expect pretty soon, we will see sisters marrying sisters and fathers marrying daughters. You see, it's their civil right to do so. We got the peace and love movement, the suburbs are still packed, society is decaying at a phenomenal rate. We have a couple of little crashes here and there in the financial sector. A lot of retired folks get their 401k wiped out. But, ironically, the first chance they get, they put their money back into another 401k, because they're going to make a fortune. Now everybody has three SUVs in their driveway. Ten year old girls are wearing $50.00 blue jeans that make their hips look curvy, not to mention their skin tight t-shirts, then people at church sit around and comment about how pretty they look. 

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the fall of our society. It's been a good ride. My grandfather got to leave the farm, and go to work for an aircraft plant building airplanes. At that time women
earned their place in the workforce, even though there is no one home to raise little Billy now. So we have a new industry pop up called daycare. Everybody after World War II has a good job, if they want one. Everybody works, and we are going to have growth forever. Well, anybody with a half a lick of sense knows that is impossible. Our infrastructure is now decaying. Water lines and sewer systems in every major city need to be completely replaced. That's never going to happen. Our electrical grid system is a fossil just waiting for a collapse. Our schools have become institutions of putrid vile. Our industrial base we have effectively crushed by sending our jobs to other countries. 

And I really hate to say this next item, but if you believe that our government is working for us, The People, then you are delusional. Our elected officials, for the most part, are the most corrupt group of people ever assembled. But most people don't care because things still appear to be good. Look at the crime in our
cities. Look at unemployment. Look at welfare. Turn on that great educator called the television and compare it to 50 years ago. If you can't see the progression of filth and trash, then you are taking way too many psychotropic drugs. Look at the way mother's dress their little girls. Listen to what comes out of little boys' mouths. If you are a decent individual, you are a minority. If a person tries to live a humble life and raise their own food, then they are labeled a terrorist. Can you imagine that? Our government has systematically managed to associate decency with terrorism. 

Let's review. We had a spring. It was a good time after a long-term bad time. We had a lengthy summer. Now we have crept into the fall. We are a mature nation, and some day we are going to relinquish our
world domination to some other country. This is a natural progression. Are we going to do this peacefully? History would say no, we're not. Is our government going to become more tyrannical? Absolutely. We had better learn to accept the fact that martial law is just around the corner, because if you believe that your life is private, then you're both delusional and taking psychotropic drugs. As usual, the future is not here yet. But it's coming. 

Let's take a look at some things that we do know and can forecast with some degree of certainty. Are our schools going to start teaching American values? Well, actually, they are teaching American values, because we have allowed them to teach trash and filth. So the schools are going to continue doing what they're doing. Is our obvious moral decay going to make a turn around? No, it's not. The answer to that one is obvious. Is our economy going to improve? Well, that depends on who you listen to. If you think rising unemployment is an improvement, if you think more people being serviced by government social
programs is an improvement, then yes, it's going to improve. It's been improving for years. Do you think our corrupt government is going to start telling the truth? I don't think that's possible, because if our politicians were to tell the absolute truth about what's coming in the future, then we would have anarchy in the streets. They can't tell the truth. But that doesn't mean that they are still not corrupt. And that is only going to worsen. What about our financial system? How are they going to continue to feed their need for more of our money? You can only tax so much. So why don't they just take our money? You say that will never happen? I would have never thought that a man would let an airport agent feel
up and fondle his wife while standing right beside her. But that happens everyday. They also do the same thing to his teenage boy and daughter, and that's okay too. Because remember, Roosevelt stole gold and silver from the people. If you don't think that our government will not take all of our savings, then you're not paying attention to history at all. All they have to do is issue you a debit card, or an EBT card, or whatever name they want to call it, and try to convince you that your money is now secure with them. 
Okay. So. Now we know a little bit about what to expect in the future. How are we going to get out of this conundrum? War. We've been at war for the
last 20 years. But I'm talking about big war. People fight different than they used to. A fellow sitting in front of a keyboard can shut down a plane in mid flight. I'm talking about a commercial jet liner here. They can shut down our banking system with the punch of a key. They can shut down our power grid with the punch of another key, and it can't be stopped. This next war is going to look a whole lot different than the last few wars. I'm not sure that some of those keys might not be punched by our own people. It wouldn't be the first time they've done it.

Folks, we're getting older, our time is expiring. Hold your grandkids, hug your spouse, keep your powder dry, for winter is at the threshold. It is inevitable.

We'll talk more later, Frank