The Road Home

The Road Home
There is no place like home.

Products We Use

Electric Tiller & Mower

Books Are Amazing Tools

Canning the Garden & Other Stuff

How Did It Work Out? Some Updates & Things

Performance of Our Propane Cookstove with Battery Ignition

Reusable Food Wrap

Online Companies We Use

Kitchen Knives, What We Use

Have You Ever Used Gamma Seal Lids?

Grain Grinder, Manual Type

Gravity Flow Water Filter

Our New Battery Powered Propane Cookstove

Chickens Hatching and Incubating

Planting Seedlings

Grape Juice

Making a Shirt

The Tractor & The Tiller

Frank's Farm Firearms

$40.00 Radio

Around the Shack

Firing Up The Wood Stove

Canning Beets & Carrots

Waxing Cheddar Cheese

Fern's Cheddar Cheese

Dehydrating Food for the First Time Ever

Mandoline Slicer - A New Tool

Frost Cloth in the Garden

What's For Dinner? Cabbage and.......

Making Whole Wheat Bread

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