The Road Home

The Road Home
There is no place like home.

Our Gardening Adventures

Growing Seeds

What's Growin' In the Garden 4

Got Seeds?

What's Growin' in the Garden 3

Hmm..... I need to grow more food

Electric Mower & Tiller

What's Growin' in the Garden 2

What's Growin' in the Garden 1

What Seeds Have Taught Me

Good Advice from the Plant Lady

The Survival Greenhouse

Prepping the Garden for Fall, Part 1

Gardening As If Your Life Depends On It

Survival Gardening Scenario

The Current Garden

Are Insects Beneficial? They Can Be

Garden Tour, End of April

The Nutrition of Spinach & Garden Gossip

Gardening Before it Rains....Again

Two Kinds of Comfrey - Which one is right for you?

Gardening, Chickens, Goats & Organizing

Gardening & Goats in February

Planning the Garden & Changing the Way We Eat

Surprise Vegetable of the Year

Eggshells for the Garden

Foraging in the Garden for Vegetable Soup

Please Help Us Grow Cabbage

The Nutrition of Turnips & Turnip Greens

It Works! Ripe Tomatoes in November

The Nutrition of Carrots

The Frost Cometh

The Nutrition of Okra & Other Lore

Our Winter Squash Failures

The Nutrition of Tomatoes & Peppers

Gardening When You Can

Grape Juice

The Nutrition of Green Beans & Some Pondering

Preparing the Harvest

Fire Ants & Aphids

The Nutrition of Potatoes

Playing In The Dirt

Of Corn, Potatoes and Sunflowers

Corn & Fall Seedlings

Lessons I've Learned From My Garden

The Nutrition of Purple Hull Peas

How Green is the Garden

Pickling Spices & the Nutrition of Yellow Squash

Fire Ants & Coffee Grounds

Growing Beets

The Nutrition of Green Peas

Free Food....For the Picking

Growin' and Pickin' the Garden

The Nutrition of Beets

What Nutrition Is In Your Garden?

Mid-May Garden Tour

A Strawberry Scarecrow & Sweet Potatoes

Late Frosts & Working In The Garden

What's Growin' In The Garden?

Working in the Garden

Reclaiming the Strawberry Bed

The Tale of the Sunchokes

Let the Planting Begin

Planting Seedlings

Getting the Garden Ready

What Is Good For The Garden?

Planning The Garden

Garden Update, January 27

Time To Plant the Garden? Yes!

Not Much Winter Squash

Perennial Vegetables and the Last of the Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Harvest, Part 1

We Have Sweet Potatoes

We Have Some Lima Beans!

Perennial Tomatoes? What a Great Idea!

Wolf Spiders

Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

September Garden Update

August Garden Update

Saving Seeds Really Pays Off

Starting the Fall Garden

Saving Our Own Seeds

Seedlings for the Fall Garden

Hooray for the Assassin Bugs! - Update

How Does the Garden Grow?

Hooray for the Assassin Bugs!

Beets and Carrots

Don't Raise Cabbage Like This

Heavy Rain and the Herb Bed

Frost Cloth in the Garden

Death by Squash Bugs

Pea Picking

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