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The Road Home
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Food For Thought From Ol' Remus

Hi Everybody. As a general rule, we don't normally post on a Tuesday. But we found the Ol' Remus article this week to be very direct and to the point. I normally have to read his articles twice. He writes in a style, even though I thoroughly enjoy it, that I find difficult to truly comprehend. And there are times when I am not sure I truly do comprehend. So, if you have the time and inclination, read his main commentary. It's a little bit scary. Hope you enjoy it.

We'll talk more later. Frank


  1. From N.W. Illinois again, thanks for the heads up on Ol' Remus. Argentina's financial fiasco will look like a picnic when it falls apart. So be prepared when the government interrupts broadcasting for a special announcement. And they tell the nation not to panic everything is O.K. it's not. So keep you're ears on folks and be prepared, cause when it happens it will be to late!

    1. You put that very succinctly Illinois, and so did Ol' Remus. Thank you.