The Road Home

The Road Home
There is no place like home.

Frank's Thoughts

The Line Has Been Drawn

New York Times Editorial & the SurvivalBlog Response

We're All in This Together

My Salute

Seasonal Change

Death by Design

Rebuilding Community


A Collage of Comments

Daddy, I'm Hungry.........

Brace For Impact

There Is Nothing You Can Do?

Do You Follow God or the Government?

Norms Are Changing

Life's Little Trials

In Memory

Are You Tired of Being Prepared?

Divide & Conquer

Winter of Our Demise

Heavenly Food For Thought

Negative Interest is Here

Why We Are Here

Raising Boys to be Men

What Is Really Going On?

Send Me Your Money

You Need to Read This

Have a Plan

Something To Seriously Think About

Dark Clouds on the Horizon - A Re-Post

Hope In Understanding

These Dark, Somber Days

Frank's Thoughts on Veteran's Day

Just Grow Up!

Age, A Passing Fancy

Wakey! Wakey! The Wolf Is At The Door - A Re-Post

I'm Going To???

Another Level of Control

Ebola Update

The Beautiful America

Comments From Two Respected Individuals

It's Not Your Money

A Re-Post From The Deliberate Agrarian

We're One!

Dark Clouds on the Horizon

The Woodpile Report

To Chore or Not To Chore

Am I Right or Wrong?

What We've Learned About Shingles

Frank's Farm Firearms

Radio - Are You Listening?

Homestead Delusions

Where Do I Get My News?

Wake-y! Wake-y! The Wolf Is At The Door

It Was a Pear-y Good Day!

What Is Truly Precious?


  1. Please! Can you tell me where you got your new kitchen faucet?! I have been looking for a tall faucet, withOUT the spray!

    1. We got this faucet from Lowe's, and it does have a sprayer off to the side. We don't use it very often, but it does come in handy from time to time. I had been wanting a tall faucet, and one day when I came home, Frank had installed this one. It was quite a chore, but he got it done while I was gone. A wonderful surprise! Thank you for asking.