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Friday, March 13, 2015

What Is Really Going On?

Fern had been gone for a while the other day, and asked me what had been in the news. I said something like, "You know, the usual. Hillary, oil is down, the stock market is up, more riots, just things like that." Then we started listing off the many things happening around the world these days. Here is the list we came up with, which is not inclusive at all. It's just what we came up with in a short conversation.
  • Hillary's latest antics
  • Who will be the next president?
  • Oil companies laying off, closing down or declaring bankruptcy
  • More and more people are being dropped from the unemployment rolls because they have given up looking for a job; there aren't any that pay a living wage
  • Another housing bubble is in the works
  • The economy in Greece is faltering. What else is new? It has been faltering for a long time.
  • The scourge of ISIS
  • Putin and the Ukraine
  • Iran and a nuclear deal with Obama
  • Obama's treatment of Netanyahu and Israel
  • Persecution of Christians
  • Increase in antisemitism around the world
  • The stock markets fluctuations which no longer mean anything since it is being propped up and manipulated daily
  • Immigration, amnesty and illegal alien criminals
  • People shooting cops
  • Robots, drones and the latest smart phone
  • Riots and protests using the technique of busing in folks with nothing to lose so they can stir up more serious trouble than would otherwise occur. Now that's community organizing.
  • Rising racial tensions, thanks in part to the leadership of our country
  • The gutting of the military, with forced retirement of many top officers who won't follow the new playbook
  • Militarization of law enforcement
  • Executive order after executive order after executive order
  • Controversy over same sex marriage
  • Abortion murdering millions of children every year
  • Food rationing in some countries
  • Western U.S. drought 
  • What happened to Ebola?
  • They let the air out of the football! Can you believe that?!?
  • There is no inflation even though you can't buy near the food with your paycheck that you could only six months ago
  • Terrorism worldwide on the rise
  • Unconstitutional court decisions
  • Taxes, taxes and more taxes

And the list could go on, and on, and on, and on. Back to the question the title of this article asks. What is really going on? I truly believe that so many of the daily and weekly trumped up crises, or fear mongering news stories, are only distractions to cover up or divert our thoughts away from what's
really happening. What is truly happening in our world? All the above mentioned news stories go around and around in a circle, like a carousel. One head pops up for a few days, then it goes back down. Then another one pops it's head up, just like horses on a carousel. They go around and around and around. The organ continues to play carnival music, everybody is laughing and having a good time. Up and down, up and down. Are we being desensitized to what's really happening in the world? Are the above mentioned issues serious? Sure they are, but they keep coming up and going away, and after a while people become desensitized to what is really happening in the world. 

What is really happening in the world? There are westernized type countries in South America where the military has taken over the distribution of food. Argentina for one. The country of Venezuela is imploding. Brazil is having the worst drought in history and in major cities
millions of people are running short of water. Don't even think about central Africa. They have things going on there that we don't talk about, we, meaning society in general, at the dining room table. What happened to those couple of hundred of high school girls that were abducted? Do you really want to truly think about what is happening to them at this moment? Look across the table at your granddaughter or daughter, and truly imagine how those high school girls lives are going right now. And not just in central Africa, look all across the Middle East and the southern Mediterranean countries, where people just like me and you are having their heads chopped off, or being burned to death, and the wives and little girls, again, we're not going to talk about what's happening to them.

Our borders. Yes, OUR borders are wide open. There are olive skinned people coming across the border, some estimates are thousands a day. Remember these are estimates. The Texas Department of Public Safety recently estimated that between 10 and 100 radical terrorists from Middle Eastern extraction are crossing the Mexican border daily. So, let's give these people Social Security benefits, all medical benefits, unemployment, an accelerated program to get their drivers license, food stamps, welfare and a free and appropriate public education. Let's talk about those 10 to 100 extremists as estimated by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Let's say their numbers are blown way out of proportion for sensationalism. It's a long border from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California. Let's say there's 10 a day. That's only 3650 per year. That's only about 20,000 in the last six years. So, what kind of damage can 20,000 individuals committed to destroying the Great Satan (the United States) and infidels (Christians) do? What kind of damage can these 20,000 people truly do? What about their local sympathizers that have been here for years? What about the ones that we are importing because of political strife in their countries? We bring them in by the plane load everyday, legally. What if the Department of Public Safety is correct and there are 100 crossing everyday? That's only 200,000 over six years. Throw in the forever silent sympathizers. Add in the ones we are flying in daily from Syria and Iraq. 

Now let's add a couple of things together here. Let's say there are a few million people here in this country that have been trained, conditioned mentally to do atrocities, like we see in central Africa, the Middle East and the southern Mediterranean countries. Now while you're sitting there at your dining room table, think about your husband or son with his head chopped off. And then look over at your daughter or granddaughter and envision in your mind what's happening to those 200 high school girls, and try to convince yourself that this is okay. This about to be the norm.

So, go back over and hop on your little wooden pony with a pole going through it's body, and ride up and down and up and down, and laugh and play and listen to the organ music. Because this is what is coming.
You are aware that there are places in Europe where law enforcement does not go. There are places in France and Denmark that practice a different law than what the local government supports. There is a disease consuming our world, and we are doing nothing to stop it. There are parts of the world that have already been consumed. And there are countries in Europe where the population has a significant minority that has their own rules and laws. The United States also has a significant minority that is growing daily. And you might say, these are only the radical extremists. I say different. The silent group affiliated with these radical extremists, the silent groups that do nothing, are an accessory to rape and heinous murder.

It's too late to stop this movement. But you had better be aware of it. All these other news stories are just distractions, and there are lots of other distractions, too. Don't forget your television, because when you sit down tonight to watch TV, you are being conditioned to believe that everything is Okay. When you're watching NASCAR, or the big football game, or whatever sporting event is the season of preference, or when you watch that 30 minute sitcom that makes humor about events that 50 years ago people went to prison for, you are being conditioned for what is coming. Folks we've lost this battle. Our ship has sunk. You need to get prepared to swim.

Let's do a quick review here. Evil has been loosed on our society. You and I, and our government has allowed this to spread. Now it is here. Just take a minute and quit looking at the purple car going around in a circle
(NASCAR) and look around. Look at Africa, look at Europe, look at the United States, look at all those news worthy events mentioned above, and then look at the radical insurgents that have consumed our world. And now one last time, envision all the men in your family with their heads chopped off, and picture all the girls and women in your family having things done to them that are unimaginable. Okay. Now you can go back to watching the purple car go around in a circle, or maybe you can watch a bunch of athletes pat each other on the butt, or high five about how great they are. Reality is not always a pretty picture. We are under attack. WAKE UP!!

Remember the words of our current president, "We are not a Christian nation."

We'll talk more later, Frank


  1. Thanks Frank, that was powerful. Just remember to train, resist, and never give up.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Those are excellent words of advice. NEVER give up, and don't get on the bus. Thank you again.


  2. I've always paid attention to politics and what is going on in the world, but honestly, I just have had to turn off the Internet and get back to whatever normal life still exists in our time on our planet. Nothing makes SENSE any longer; local, state, and federal government are all out of control with either do nothing or do-it-all-for-themselves politicians. Monetary policy, economic policy, foreign and domestic policy -none of these follow any coherent thread, except that the disruption in those areas is planned to yield a different kind of population and a very different kind of government.

    Individuals are rude and base and yes, even EVIL, and maybe knowing that hearts of individuals have become more uncaring and more evil should scare us even more than our governments becoming evil.

    It is difficult not to give up hope, but fortunately, we are not citizens of this earth, we are sojourners, and there is comfort in that. So, my family is just trying to make every day a day of thanks and gratitude to God for what we have THIS day and for all our lovely days past. We pray fervently for a future of good, but we certainly don't expect it.

    Worrying, voting, and ranting doesn't help, and maybe that's what God is always trying to teach us. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and help will come in one way or another.

    1. Very well put. I believe that our government is doing all of the items that you just mentioned intentionally. There is a master plan which encompasses multiple disciplines. It's been ingrained in the population for years now.

      Little things like Bart Simpson and his rude behavior, cute, entertaining, makes you laugh. This helps condition us to accept this type of rudeness.

      Our kids playing video games where people are blown to bits at the push of a button. Some kids play these games all day long.

      The music industry, with some of the graphic language, violence and the unbelievable treatment of females.

      And this list can go on and on, as to how we have indoctrinated our young. And our young are now adults, desensitized to what were in the past atrocities, are now the norm. You can't ever take these things back. I believe studies indicate it will take seven generations to return back to what it takes one generation to change, which means if we stopped all of the negatives today, it would still take a couple of hundred years to get back to where we were yesterday. Not going to happen.

      You need to prepare. Study your history. There are groups waiting on the sidelines that are prepared to take over, and it can't be stopped. I wish I had a more positive response.

      But next time you're in the big box store, I'll pick on Wal-Mart here, just look around. Stand and look around. Look at where our society has degenerated. And then when you check out, and you tell the clerk "Thank you", instead of hearing "You're welcome", you will probably get, "No problem, man."

      We live in fear everyday. You can't comment on anyone's dress or attire, because it's now a hate crime, or some form of racism. Good, decent people are being punished everyday for their Christian beliefs. No joke. Look around. Listen to the people talk. Are these the kind of people that you want coming to your house for lunch? And the white collar scum are just a little more sophisticated.

      Beware. There is darkness at the door.


    2. "Are these the kind of people you want coming to your house for lunch?" I say the same about the characters on TV. So many tv shows and characters make fun of whites, dads, moms, pastors, old folks, did I say dads? They are made to look stupid, bigoted, etc. Some of it is obvious, some is more subtle. I see kids in my own extended family with no respect, no manners, no brains, no sense of history, no character. And people think it is so cool to be so ignorant and rude!

  3. Exactly what I have been thinking lately. I cannot watch the news if I weren't praying the whole time.
    DC cares nothing about us any more, the MSM mocks our intelligence, the Supreme Court has its own agenda, and people are sinning more in thought, word, and deed because there is not much of a moral compass.
    Excellent piece. I will forward it to everyone I know.

    1. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your comment. You're right, everybody does have their own agenda. I was amazed when Supreme Court Justice Roberts sold his soul to the devil when he voted for ObamaCare. Everybody knew when it came down to him that the Affordable Health Care Act would not pass. But, for whatever reason he had to vote for it, he will have to live with, because now it can't be stopped either.

      Remember the talk from all the politicians before the last election? They all talked about overturning ObamaCare? Looks like they all lied, didn't they? Or do they live in fear also? Has someone threatened them with injury to them or their family? Have we reached that point in government where elected officials are afraid for their safety? I would hate to think that we have crossed that line.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. Satan is making his move now, ever faster and faster. We know what is coming and it is no surprise, is it? "If the time were not cut short, no flesh would survive" and "neighbor against neighbor". Years ago, I often wondered how that would be possible. Now we know. So, arm and defend yourself and put your trust in God.

    1. Thank you, Tewshooz. Thank you for your straight shooting thoughts. It does appear that we have opened the door and invited Satan in. I guess all of this is supposed to happen in the long run. Or is it just a generational thing? Past generations have also thought that the end was near. But it does appear that we are on the precipice of a life changing event. It's going to be interesting. Keep your powder dry.


  5. over 30 years ago i was showering one day when God said to me ,'america is no longer a Christian nation.'.
    that was all . just one statement.
    i stood there stunned for a minute as i absorbed the information.
    i don't know what happened in that moment, but the balance must have tipped
    to 50/50 or 49/51.

    1. Hi Deborah. This could be right. I hope you're not, but you could be. I'm not sure everybody has a soul anymore. Could that even be possible? Could it be possible to have multiple groups of human beings, some being made in God's image and likeness, and others not? Just food for thought. Thank you for your comment.


    2. i don't know, mr. frank.
      the old celtic lore spoke of those dead raised to fight, with a body but no longer a soul.

      perhaps it was a preshadowing of some horrible devil's monstrosity.

      think of the test tube babies. what is being dabbled in behind closed doors?
      it is a thought.
      even rumors of such things would cause terror.
      the devil never sleeps. and he will persist. not to persist will mean his end and he hates God with a hatred beyond understanding.
      he is certainly rising in the middle east, which was foretold.
      however, in my lifetime i have watched europe begin to coalesce and then draw back. this time is the closest they have come to the prophecy being fulfilled.
      but the time may not be yet. i read that europe is drawing back from the euro.
      it is God's timing. we only watch.
      Esdras saw it all and thought it would be interesting and terrifying to live in these days.
      i just worry about my daughter. she belongs to Jesus but that has not helped the Armenians or the Copts.
      he who endures to the end shall be saved.
      may God help us to endure.
      deb h.

  6. As usual a thought provoking post with the hard stuff we need to face. There are brief glimmers of hope though and we had one when the new modem we got died and the repairman came to fix it. The young man [27-30 years old] was visiting with Ralph and asked what our main use for the internet was. Ralph told him research and news. They talked about the news and this young man was really worried. He is watching a wide base of news and finds our media useless and too concerned with Scandal and fluff. His wife is learning to preserve food and they have had a big garden for 4 years now. He is paying attention and looking to the future with grave concern...but to me that is a sign that not all is lost on the young! There is hope.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with this young man, Fiona. It does us good to hear about younger people who are taking the events of the world seriously. There are so many things that all of us need to learn or relearn to thrive in the coming difficulties.


  7. Sad , but you wrote a truthful description of the downward spiral in the USA . I don't believe there is any hope to reversing it , we are going the way of Rome . We find our strength in Jesus Christ . Without his direction and guidance it would be an even more difficult journey . TV programing is just that , programing, and most of our population is programed not to think about unpleasant things . Our public schools have been teaching kids what to think instead of how to think for a very long time , that won't change . The Muslim religion teaches death to non believers that do not believe Islam , most Americans are not familiar with Islam , it is not a religion of peace ! People should get a heads up or it will be a heads off . Thanks for your words .

    1. Thank you for the comment. What you have to say, I agree with. Just take a look at any written news source, whether it is Fox, CNN, or any of the major news sites. The headline stories are just unbelievable. Lying in upper levels of government is common, and the American people just accept it. So, when did lying become the norm? I'm appalled at my government.

      And you are right about the schools, and I am a retired public school educator. My last ten or so years, I just had to keep my mouth shut. What happened in the schools was just unbelievable.

      I wish I had more positive things to say, but I don't. Thank you again for your comment.