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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Thought on Coronavirus

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

There is a lot of talk about the Coronavirus. Some say we're all going to die, others say it will be gone in a couple of months. Since we know that our government lies at every opportunity, I can only believe that other governments do also.

A former advisor to President Donald Trump did an interview. Fern and I found it interesting and we hope you do too. I like the man that did the interview, his name is Steve Bannon. He can be a bit abrupt, but I think he is brilliant. Does everybody agree with everything others say? No, but I did like his interview. If you have about 50 minutes to spare, watch Mr. Bannon's interview. Here is the link.

I would take this virus seriously. Do you have what it takes to be in your house for a number of days without going out? If someone comes to visit do you know how, and have the precautions to quarantine them for a couple of weeks? Remember, we don't know what is true and what is not coming from the news media or the government. As always, you are on your own. 

Nobody is coming to save you.

And as Ol' Remus says, "Avoid crowds."

There are a lot of things happening in our world right now. Our political arena has become a joke, even the Supreme Court has jumped into the fray recently. Now all three of our branches of government are not working together. I don't believe anything I hear anymore from anyone. We just don't know where this virus thing is going to go.

So, no joke. Have what you need to take care of you and yours. All they have got to do, a little humor here, is find a way to put this virus in a bag of Cheetos, and half of our population would be gone. But no joking, do what you think is necessary, and I would do it very soon, while our supply chains are still functioning. There is a possibility our just-in-time inventories could experience some serious hiccups soon. One little shut down leads to two, then three, then the dominoes begin to fall. The economy staggers a little. You get the picture, you've seen it before. The picture that is.

If you would, watch the video, and by all means, quit eating Cheetos. If you're of this type of persuasion, only drink American made beer.

So, maybe it's time to go turn on the TV to watch Oprah, and grab a bag of Cheetos, or maybe to do what you should have already done. You know what that is. Prepare. If you are prepared, good. If you're's your call.

We'll talk more later,  Frank


  1. Thank you for highlighting Mr. Bannon's video. At long last, someone who is willing to speak truth. I don't know what it will take to wake people up. Just the other day I was told, in all seriousness, that I am in need of a mental health evaluation due to my "obsession" with news about COVID-19. Seems to me the more knowledgeable we are, the better we can prepare. This "obsession" of mine has shown me areas within my preps that were sorely lacking, giving me an opportunity to correct them. I truly pray that this virus can be contained and turns into much ado about nothing. But I am not counting on it. There are many who choose to ignore the warnings. They continue to pretend that nothing bad ever happens here. Or worse, they use this situation to score political points. God help them should this beast become uncontrollable. God help us all.

  2. I try to stay grounded and avoid conspiracy theories. This virus, however, is bugging me. At current, the mortality rate for Coronavirus is 3.4%; WAY below that of the flu, but d'gubmeyent is saying it's a threat. Why? Are the numbers being cooked? Is this a "weaponized" virus that opens the door for something more serious to walk in and do the real damage? Once again, the only thing we're short on here is the truth...

    ...Something's not adding up...

    ...Be ready for what you're not being told about...

  3. The thing we find weird about the virus is the talking heads are talking out of both sides of their mouths. (I know, not unusual) On the one hand it is no worse than the flu, on the other hand, cities are being quarantined.

    Been trying to think about what I wanted to purchase in the near future like a new pair of tennis shoes and some socks and did that yesterday. I think shoes and socks will still be available but they are really going to be expensive if our Chinese imports don't show up regularly.

    We will check out the Steve Bannon interview this evening, right now the compost needs to be turned and I'm going to spray some neem oil and peppermint soap on my fruit trees.

  4. The mortality rate of the flue is between 0.07% and 0.1%, depending on what source you look at. The mortality rate of the Coronavirus is 2% to 3%, again, depending on the source data one uses to calculate. That is a huge difference - over an order of magnitude. If 1/3 of the 320 million people in America become infected and 3% of them die, that's over 3 million people. Far more than killed by the flu. Further, 5% of more people who become infected require aggressive medical care - we don't have anywhere near that many hospital beds in this country for that many folks, let alone beds or spots in the hospitals with the commensurate support/care equipment (ventilators and the like). That's just the medical situation. Thanks the just-in-time everything, a small ripple in the supply chain will amplify into large waves or disorder. Finally, folks in this country won't act like the citizens in China. We are, by and large, self-centered, not used to hardship, are a full generation removed from any real national challenge (I'm thinking back to WW2 times as the last time we faced a big, national-level challenge). We beat the crap out of each other the day after Thanksgiving fighting over a discount on electronic garbage or pair of sneakers. How will we act if there is a run on groceries? Like the folks on the Western Rifle Shooters page say, "plan accordingly". I would also add, pray fervently.

    1. The medical situation is terrifying to us, as we have a 6yo daughter with type 1 diabetes. A bad stomach flu sends us to the Children's ER so they can monitor and regulate her blood sugar/insulin levels so she doesn't fall into DKA. We luckily have a hefty stock of her medication - but I worry about what would happen if this does reach pandemic status, she gets sick and we need the hospital.

  5. Frank, thank you for sharing the video of Steve Bannon. It was very enlightening. Also, watched Trumps news conference on the virus tonight. I believe people are finally waking up to the reality that we are going to be affected in many ways even if the virus itself isn’t that bad in the US.

    Since 80% of the ingredients that go into our generic drugs are produced in China and India, we will have a shortage of these drugs. Over the counter drugs will be affected too – aspirin, vitamins and so forth. All facemasks are sold out here. Last week there were plenty of the masks available. These masks are made in China also.

    A friend of mine was in WalMart today and was surprised at the number of people in the store and then she realized it was because of the virus. If you don’t have everything you need go shopping now. Even if the virus is mild here supply is very limited.

    Take a look at the stock market for the last 3 days – down near 2000 points. Retirement incomes are taking a big hit. China is on lockdown. People are not working. Their economy may not recover or will be critically wounded for a long time. We will be impacted right along with them. Many American companies are located in China – Apple, Starbucks and others…they are closed too. That certainly affects the bottom line here at home.

    Keep on sounding the alarm. You are appreciated. BJ in GA

    1. Have you seen the crazy price of face masks on Amazon?! Luckily, our local Harbor Freight store still had some at regular price.

  6. Many decades ago I had the opportunity to go to medical school. My Dad would not pay for my room and board. The reason is I wanted to be a Geneticist.I wanted to find a way of bypassing or correcting genes that caused harm. Girls should not play God. I could be a Wife and Mother, a Nurse, a Teacher or a Nun. Over the years I've read articles regarding the advancement of tracking Genetic repairs. It's not the Covid19 which bothers me, it's the aftermath of the virus. Is there a time bomb built into the genetic code that will cause something else more virulent or perchance sterility. China has always played the Long Game in World Domination. Red

  7. As always - thanks for your continued site. I am quite cautious about believing what I take as truth. But a relative who I trust completely and who would know - is quietly telling family members there are impending quarantines and suggests a 30 day supply of stores. As a long term Frank/Fern fan - I am well past that but have shared that message with close friends and family. I believe the dragon is at the door. I am taking the appropriate measures. I wish you all well in the coming time. God Bless you Frank and Fern as well as all the commenters. I have learned a lot.

  8. My don’t-worry-about-it adult son has finally seen the light! Thanks to the coronavirus, he is prepping. He already has a freezer filled with meat, mostly beef, but very little in the way of other food. They buy as they need it.
    He finally listened to his best friend/coworker and decided to get supplies. Son was amazed to find store shelves empty of bleach. He knows I prep and quizzed me yesterday about how much of each area’s preps I have. I gave him suggestions as to where he could find specific items, but told him that I have enough food here for our entire family of fourteen to be okay for approximately a year. I also mentioned that I have seeds to grow and replenish what we eat.
    He was amazed. He had no idea that I had that much stockpiled. It was great to hear him say that he now realizes why I live the way I do, and that he’s going to start providing for his family’s future in this way. He realizes that this virus is only one of the many things that can disrupt our current lifestyles.
    Adult daughter and a friend also talked to me about what they can do to prepare for a possible quarantine. I hope this momentum keeps going.

    1. My sister who has done nothing but make fun of our prepping has been calling/texting me nonstop this last week asking the hows, whats, wheres, and whens of things to do. I am more than happy to help her and happy she's finally coming around!

  9. I love your insights and look for your posts when I have time, in my busy life. I am also cautious about what is out there on the mainstream news regarding this COVID-19; as Rahm Emanuel said (I believe), "Never let a crisis go to waste." In my own research, the background behind this virus does not seem as serious to the United States as the hype being perpetrated; for example, 1) coronavirus is not new; 2) the fact that bats are immune to it, and 3) that bats ARE eaten in China (which is against the law God gave to his people); 4) we have far better lifestyles here in the U.S. than the poor people in China (and Iran). We also have much better healthcare for sick folk.

    My main issue with this video began when Bannon said China needs to let our CDC and others in to fix the problem of a Communist Government's healthcare -- it just bothers me. Why should we do that? The Chinese government has brought this upon themselves as a Communistic country. This is what happens. This is what the American people need to see: that socialism is a direct path to communism, and communism brings the common people to the very lowest denominator. This is what socialist/communist healthcare brings the people. The reason why China does not have the top healthcare experts (8:20 timestamp). Bannon is mentioning the Chinese Communist Party, but I couldn't continue watching.

    I apologize if I sound too lacking in compassion. I do have some compassion for people losing their loved ones, but I am getting weary of those who are continually covering up the facts about Socialism --> Communism and its end problems. It is what it is, and hiding the facts by attempting to solve the problem with the experts from capitalist countries is not the way to do it.

    That said, I have continued to be stocking preps in the rotation process and always adding something every trip, rotating through the list. This week, on my regular shopping trip, I did not find exam gloves; not to worry, as I likely have plenty for us anyway. Bleach and hand sanitizer shelves were nearly empty, so I did note that obviously some people are concerned and are picking up good supplies, just to be prepared. The fact is, my family would have a much higher chance of catching the flu virus than corona-virus; thankfully, thanks to healthy eating and good habits of hand-washing, we have not had the flu at all this winter, and have actually not had it for several years. Several days ago, the state of Pennsylvania was recording 90,000 cases of the flu, and 105 deaths. I heard a couple of weeks ago about 60,000 cases of flu in the State of New York, and also that New Jersey had been hit extremely hard. So we have 55 cases of COVID-19 in the US, and all of them (except POSSIBLY one) have come from people having contact with travel near China; and even that one, MAY have had contact with a traveler.

    Just my two cents; I could be off track, but sometimes I just have to do my best I know with the knowledge and skills I have, and trust the Lord that He will keep his promises He has given of taking care of (our) family when we follow after His ways.

    Thanks again Frank and Fern, and God Bless you in all you do.

  10. Thank you Frank for the link to the video. I was already thinking a lot of what he mentioned. As far as preparing I wanted to let others know another source of gloves and masks... while they are not per se medical, I feel they will work especially if doubled. Harbor Frieght. I was surprised to see how many were left there. I also bought the dust masks. I feel in a pinch they can augment medical masks as a double protector. They also had wrap around goggles, and face shields. All for a very reasonable price. I have medical supplies but wanted to build up a bit more.

    1. And don't forget animal supply companies, they also have most of the things you might be looking for.


  11. Hi Frank,
    It is very difficult to find truths concerning the C-Virus. Just who is really telling the truth ?Mr Bannon"s video interview gives lots of food for thought , interesting stuff. The governments are run by the wealthy and they do not wish to slow down the money system unless , of course,it is to their advantage. Governments seem to have a difficult time telling the truth .
    Most folks cannot even imagine the interconnections in our global economy. Perhaps when the shelves stay empty awhile the lights will come on . I do not know what kind of a jolt it will take to arouse the sheeple. Perhaps the virus ,empty shelves and no food will be it .
    We have been put in a precarious position by our politicians to where we are reliant on other countries for our necessities. This will not bode well for us .
    It is so important to put stuff aside ,protect those you love and get right with God .
    Blessings and good health to all.

  12. I wasn't worried about the c-virus until about 2 weeks ago when the government officials began saying not to worry. When we head out now, we are topping off our supplies. Fingers crossed, we won't need to dip into them. Stay safe everyone!

  13. Here is a link to an article regarding the how of it
    An Obama Holdover in an Obscure Government Arm Helped Cause the Country’s Coronavirus Crisis


    1. DOH! Forgot the link.

  14. Regardless of the actual health impact, the economic disruption is real and will have consequences. As for me, I'm bolstering my existing food stores (I'm not going crazy, but adding a few things that I eat, anyway). Grocery stores are intermittently in- and out of stock. They can't keep up with the increased demand, but most food items are still going to be available. If demand subsides, things will come back into balance.

    Otherwise, I haven't gardened for two years because of moving issues. This year I really need to put in a fence; I have rabbits, deer, and armadillos. But I'm at least going to do something small.

    Chicks are on order for a May delivery; I'm wondering if I need to step that up. Tractor Supply has them now.