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The Road Home
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pictures from the Farm

Some of our new Araucana (Easter egg) chickens

The green eggs are from the Araucanas and the brown eggs are from our previous chickens.

Teddy, our new buck, is not working out. His days are numbered.

The sweet potatoes have filled in the patch we gave them. I hope we have a good harvest. (they are in between the green bean trellis on the right and the purple hull peas on the left)

The okra is now over my head. We get about two gallons every three or four days. The squash plants are looking rather sad, but still producing. I picked about 10 nice squash yesterday. The potatoes still have not come up. I don't think they will. For those of you following Frank's radio posts, please notice the antenna farm in the background. We have watered it lately and it continues to grow and grow and grow.

The Romano green beans (on the right) have not germinated or grown as well as I would like. I planted them in June and they are just now producing. We will see how they do.

I have picked a few more sunflowers and have them laying out to dry. Now that I have tried my hand at growing them, I will find a source for black oil sunflower seed that I can grow for the chickens and goats. They appear to be very hardy plants and grow very well here. I have really enjoyed growing and learning about them this summer.

I have saved two of my crookneck squash from two different plants for seed. This is easy to do when you miss a couple when you are picking and they get really huge. Then you can pretend your plan all along was to save them for seeds. Anyway, my book indicates that I should let them sit for six weeks before I harvest the seeds so I put the date on them to remind me. 

All is well on the farm and we are enjoying our busy days. Hope your gardens are producing well and life is good.

Until next time - Fern


  1. My okra is not quite that tall yet. Tip to make picking okra easier cut the bottom leaves off to make picking easier. Okra bears from the bottom up at leaf joints. So after the bottom leaves have fruited cut the leaves off. It makes seeing the next fruit up the stalk so much easier than looking through all those giant leaves. And I don't get quite so itchy : )

  2. You have a beautiful home. I am impressed (and a little jealous!)

    I hope your harvest is bountiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Cactus Dave in Arizona

  3. Yes , it is beautiful . But its a shame about Teddy . He is a handsome guy .

  4. Great Looking Garden!
    I have never grown sweet potatoes, look forward to hearing all about your harvest!