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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life is Busy, So Here Are Our Favorite Blogs

Well, I am back in school and life is busy. Much busier than it was in the summer. Not near as much time to think about and prepare posts, or process the garden and milk. So........

A few days ago, Mom with a Prep, did a post called Here Are a Few of My Favorite Prepping Blogs, and we thought that was a great idea. 

So here are some of the blogs we read regularly, in no particular order.

Hello, Frank here.

ol remus and the woodpile report - I really like this site. It is an elegant, articulate, hard hitting essay about the world today.

Peak Prosperity - Chris Martenson gives us a unique perspective about sustainability from an intellectual, economic position. Part of his site is free, and part of his site requires membership.

SurvivalBlog - This site has a plethora of data about topics that you have probably never thought of. James Wesley Rawles has published many successful books about survival. I recommend, How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It. All of his books are a good read.

World Wide Radio Forum - This is a good place to visit with like minded people and it has a tremendous amount of information about all types of radios.

CB Radio Magazine - This site has numerous reviews of all types of radio gear - antennas, radios, amplifiers, etc. It is also an excellent site for information.

The Economic Collapse - This is an interesting read from an up-to-date perspective about world affairs.

Universal Radio - There are many sites that sell radios and associated equipment. This site has lots of information, considerable data, nice pictures, and I use this site for those purposes. Their prices are competitive and when you call their 800 number, their sales people are polite, friendly and most of all, knowledgeable. Therefore, this is my favorite radio equipment retailer. 

From Fern

Rural Revolution - Patrice Lewis shares information on her blog about many, many different topics - from her garden, to milking Matilda, to cooking, canning, societal issues, happenings that touch the heart or share her frustrations with what is happening in the world. She has ebooks available about self-sufficiency and canning. She writes for Backwoods Home magazine and World Net Daily. Patrice is a great source of information and has beautiful photography. Frank has actually been reading Rural Revolution longer than I have, but now it is one of my favorites.

5 Acres & A Dream - I like to read Leigh's blog. She has done a lot of research about growing feed for her chickens and goats and that interests me a lot. She has a lot of information and resources on her site. Go take a look.

Hickory Holler - The Canned Quilter has a tremendous garden that she and her husband work and preserve six days a week. They also raise or catch (fish) some of the meat they eat. CQ is a good resource for me and she takes great pictures.

Ask Jackie - I like reading Jackie Clay's blog over at Backwoods Home. She has been at it for a long time and is a great source of information. I also enjoy her canning book Growing and Canning Your Own Food.

Bacon and Eggs - This site has a lot of gardening, canning and dehydrating information as well as thoughts about the way the world is going.

I have recently started reading Oak Hill Homestead and Clearwater Farm. I like to read about their sheep and goats and they both host the Home Acre Hop where you can link a post from your blog to share with others. New Life On a Homestead also hosts the Homestead Barn Hop that is another blog hop you can link posts to.

There are many other sites we read sporadically that provide a vast array of information. The internet can be an amazing tool with a world of information at your finger tips. It can be used for good, or for evil. We will miss it when it is gone.

Until next time - Fern

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