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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Frank's Enchiladas

This enchilada recipe comes from one of Frank's old family traditions. Part of this tradition requires all chili to be exempt from any bean of any kind. Most of the enchiladas we have made over the years have included Wolf Brand Chili. This time is no different. When we lived in Alaska, we really missed being able to buy this brand of chili. There were others, but we didn't like them as well. One summer, when we drove down for a visit, we bought a case of Wolf Brand and took it back with us to Alaska. The things some people do can be quite comical sometimes.

Today was a good day for enchiladas, it is only 102 degrees, so we thought we would share the recipe. It is very simple.

We start off heating up the chili on the stove......

and frying up some corn chips.

We use olive oil for everything and it makes the chips really good.

We soften the tortillas for the enchiladas in the oil......


then add onions......

and cheese. This is some of our cheddar we made last July. It has a good sharp flavor.


Roll the cheese and onions in the tortilla then place it with the 'open' side face down. We make individual plates for each person. 

Now, smother them with chili and sprinkle any extra cheese on top. By the way, you need to be pretty hungry to eat a plate of these.

Now bake at 400 degrees until the chili around the edge of the plate starts to brown - usually about 10-14 minutes. Remember, it is 102 outside.

They are not ready to eat until the finishing touch is added and the blessing is said.


We really enjoy this meal. Right down to the last bite.

Right about now is when Frank starts making this kind of moaning, groaning noise...... "Oaahhhh......I'm full !!!" 
Which is usually followed by,
"I need a nap."

Until next time - Fern


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious. One thing I miss about living in Texas, is the great TexMex foods! My attempts are fair, and we have yet to find a decent Mexican restaurant. Frank's recipe is much appreciated.

  2. Oh those look good! I've not used chili in enchiladas, I've used chicken or beef and Old El Paso green sauce. This would be a nice change. Those tortilla chips are making me hungry...

    1. Would you be interested in sharing your recipe? There are so many different ways to make enchiladas.

      Thank you!


  3. YUM! I am going to try to recreate these for Ralph's supper!