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The Road Home
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Places We Read with a Rant

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Over the last few years, we have picked up some sites, blogs, websites, that we enjoy reading. There are a few that over time have faded away. We thought we'd share with you some that we find enjoyable. Maybe enjoyable is not the right word, because some of the things we read are very disturbing. Some of these sites have new recipes, for the most part, these are enjoyable, unless of course it involves cauliflower. Living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, I do not have to eat cauliflower. I remember the older Bush president stating one day, "I am President of the United States, and if I don't want to eat broccoli, I don't have to." Well, I will eat broccoli, if Fern makes me, but I have drawn a line in the mud about cauliflower.

Getting back reasonably close to what we're talking about here, some of the sites we read are by no means enjoyable, they display the events that are happening in our world, that I would like to believe are a relative rendition of the truth. Speaking of the truth, or lack thereof, I am astounded by the behavior of not only the 'mainstream' media, but the sub-mainstream media and the unbelievable perversion and distortion of the truth. An example. This morning President Trump tweeted that Senator Chuck Schumer is already criticizing his State of the Union speech, and Senator Schumer has not read the speech yet. I'm not picking on the Senator here, this is just an example of the way the news is betrayed in our country.

Now, I'm not making reference here to a natural disaster, or the tragedy, of let's
say, a plane crash. The mainstream news media gives a relatively honest depiction of what happens during these types of events. Or, they do initially anyway. When the blame game starts about why things happen, the news media gets lost in it's feeding frenzy of filth, always trying to blame somebody for something. It appears the mainstream news media has an agenda which involves obvious destruction of the decent values that most Americans cherish and hold dear. Maybe I shouldn't have had that extra cup of coffee this morning.

Fern put out an article recently called Unbelievable. I find the news media to fall in that category. Let's break the word down. UN-believable. So, what is their true agenda? What do you think is their
agenda? Do you think there is a way to change this? I'll go ahead and say it now, I believe in God and a Higher Power, but besides God, is there a way to stop this decay? Are we going to have to hit total bottom before this thing can be restructured? Have we crossed the line of no return where there is no recovery? And do most people even have a clue what is happening around them?

Let's get a grip of reality here. When a college professor in a New York Times article states that 'Mary Poppins is racist' because she has soot or dirt on her face from coming out of a chimney, and the majority of her face is not covered in dirt or soot, just small patches. This person obviously has some type of destructive agenda. I cannot believe that anyone of reasonable intelligence would imagine this scenario to be racist. It doesn't make any difference who they are, how can anybody of normal intelligence see this as racist????

In my own humble opinion, I don't think we can recover. Yes, this
is doom and gloom, call it what it is. Let's call it reality. I do not think this divide can be conquered, therefore, things are going to get real nasty. I would guess that tonight at the State of the Union address, there are going to be disruptions. So, let's wait and see.

Moving on. Below is a list of sites that we currently read. Most of them are of an adult type nature. Some use language that people may find distasteful or offensive. Others, the content area maybe a little heavy for people to find palatable. Some deal with recipes. Some deal with life and death. We'll give a brief description of each one. There are sites that we don't read as often anymore. Sometimes people just grow apart for various reasons.

You ready? Here goes. These are in no particular order, by the way. Let's just start with a list.

Fox News
This is where we go for our mainstream news. Some of it is questionable, but of the mainstream news, I enjoy this site the best.

Drudge Report
Drudge is a good source for mainstream news. Some of it is also questionable.

Breitbart News
A relatively honest site, but has some questionable stories also.

Donald Trump Twitter
It is what it is. 
Fern reads this one to see a different perspective on some of the news.

Western Rifle Shooters
Adult content. One of my favorites. Some stories can be real hard and very graphic. Viewer discretion advised. My favorite site.

Zero Hedge
A lot of financial news and some other just what's happening.

Bison Prepper
Adult content. Language on occasion is salty. Fern reads this to me every morning. A different level of analysis that we enjoy. Also one of my favorite reads. Again, adult content.

Woodpile Report
Ol' Remus is a weekly. Late Monday night or Tuesday morning. Quality content. A first class read.

Rural Revolution
Homesteading blog. Good information. Fern has enjoyed reading Patrice for years.

5 Acres & A Dream 
Another homesteading blog. Leigh is an author and is very enjoyable to read. She and her husband work hard at being self-sufficient.

Mom's Scribbles
Vicki lives in an apartment and still tries to prepare for what's coming. She has some interesting perspectives Fern enjoys.

Confessions of a Crazed Cattlewoman 
Fiona and Ralph have a homestead and occasionally share their adventures. 

Gabe Suarez
Articles about home safety, shooting. Adult content. Always proper. Some good advice.

The Z Blog
A different perspective from a higher thinking level about events happening around us.

The Burning Platform
News stories, various topics.

I use this site for radio information. He has other information from a military type perspective.

These are just some of the sites that we read, and there are probably some that we've missed. That happens when you get old. If you have some favorite sites, please share. If you find some of these to be offensive, I genuinely apologize. I don't expect everyone to like what I like. I hope you find something here that you enjoy. Please share, really, sites that you like whether it's recipes or news, and we'll all take a look.

We'll talk more later, Frank


  1. i read lots of the ones you read and i like bison prepper he goes into history and sees the big picture of which i had no understanding
    real eye openers don't like the language but let it roll off so i can get the content

    1. Hi, Deborah. I agree with you about Bison Prepper's language. He seems to go for a few days with normal language, then he seems to go off track for a few days. But I don't read him for his language, or his composition skills. I read him for the way he thinks and puts things together.

      Take care, Frank

  2. Hey, nice to see another posting. I also read and enjoy a number of your favorite blog sites, but you have shared some that are new to me. I'll be checking those out as well. Thank you!

    We made our monthly run to our nearest grocery and big box stores yesterday. Today has been spent dating and properly storing the haul. I also see canning of meat in the near future as there were some great sales at our favorite meat market.

    With a winter ice and snow storm on the way these indoor activities will keep me busy. We believe the extra food stored is beyond important! Keep preparing and praying...CWfromIA

    1. Hi, CW. We had to make a trip to our little town today. Went to visit the tax lady. We had to reschedule twice, but we finally made it. We did pull into the Wal-Mart parking lot, but we talked ourselves out of going in.

      We can meat, sometimes with older birds we butcher, and we've canned some ground beef in the form of chili. We started canning meat while we were in Alaska when we learned how to process salmon. That was before Japan radiated all the fish in the Pacific, but I sure miss that fresh canned salmon. It tastes just like the stuff you get in the can at the big box store. Some people are leery of canning meat. We do it right and follow the rules.

      Take care, Frank

  3. Thank you for including my silly little blog in your list of favorites. I am humbled, grateful and very much appreciative.

    1. Vicki, I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope others will, too. Like the one yesterday on Happiness. Good one!


  4. Thanks Frank! I do look at some of those but will give some others a try. My problem with some of the sites is, as you say, adult content and sometimes some not great attitudes.

    1. Hi, TB. I agree, but sometimes it's really hard to have a great attitude the way the world is going. There are days that I wish I could truly tell you what I think without having to mask it in acceptable terminology. There are just some things that we just can't say anymore, and probably never should have. If someone were to comment what I truly think, I would delete it.

      Take care, Frank

  5. I read some of the blogs you posted and in your sidebar. I'm looking forward to exploring others.
    One of my favorite daily reads is The Prudent Homemaker. I don't share her religious views but can work around that. It's mostly a blog about frugal living and has great recipes that are thrifty.

    I also like Frugal Abundance. She doesn't post much any more but has left her blog up. Great recipes from someone living a frugal life.

    As for the direction of the country. I don't see 'the ship' turning back, ever. If the libs ever change/eliminate the Electoral College, then all hope will be lost, imo.

    Love the photo of your goats.
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. Hi, SJ. Well, let's see. The ship is going to crash.

      We will check out the blogs you recommended and hope others will, too.

      Did you watch the President last night? He had those stuffy, white shirt girls dancing in the isles. He is good. Maybe not the best president, but he sure knows how to work a crowd. Dancing in the isles, looking like fools, which they are.

      Thank you for the comment. Frank

  6. Thanks for a few more sites to peruse .
    You are right , its gone too far, the lunatics have taken over the asylum , Spanish style civil war is on the horizon .

    1. I started an article today that I found on Western Rifle Shooters about the Spanish civil war. Haven't had time to finish it, but it looks interesting.

      About the's something everyday. I don't mean something just a little odd or a little cutesy. We as a society are out of touch. But, fortunately, where I live it's just middle America people. You know the gun carrying, Bible toting, Deplorables? I love where I live. I feel sorry for folks in other places. Big cities, right coast, left coast, coastal areas. Sure glad I'm not there.

      Take care, Frank

  7. OK; if me getting dirt on my face makes me a racist, then fine. Let the SJW's do the dirty work. I'll just sit here and stay clean and virtuous...
    Hey; you asked for it, kids...

    ...Kinda like those "college kids" in UC Santa Barbara who demanded... and got... black-only dorms... And to think; their parents and grandparents; the ones who actually had a legitimate beef, went through so much to eliminate such things...

    In prayer God told me that there would be a path to victory for the United States, but not before the unfolding of events that result in the world bring "brought to its knees;" His words, not mine. And so, I prepare for the near future, and hope for the long-term...

    1. Pete, well put. I hope I'm right in my belief that what we see on college campuses is just a small group of people with a narrow focus on their camera. I also don't want to believe that most people agree with what's happening, no matter their race, religion, or color. All we see is that small group, through that small lens, of a small camera, coming from a small mind.

      I wouldn't want to be judged now by what I did when I was young. Look at the State of the Union last night. I saw faces that appeared to be bright, sharp and intelligent. But I also saw faces that I considered to be shallow, and I hate to say this, but stupid. But they were all elected. Do the smart people just stay home on election day?

      I have to believe that most people are good. But what we see on TV, or the news or the camera are not good people. We see groups fighting in western cities, but that's a very small percentage of the population. It does appear to be growing, though.

      In my humble opinion we are heading towards the bottom. Too many of our major institutions are failing.

      I appreciate your comment. Frank

  8. Beautiful goat picture! Here are two blogs I enjoy with lots of recipes, practical living ideas, Christian teachings, and links to many other blogs you may enjoy! In fact, the "Poor Man's Steak" recipe on the Texas homesteading blog I just looked at is making me hungry! Here are the links. Enjoy! God bless.

    1. Thank you for the sites, lots of interesting recipes and pretty pictures. Thank you again.


  9. Thank you for this list. Thank you for adding us to it๐Ÿ˜Š
    We actually don’t mind hearing the hard side of the truth. It just gets harder to find the truth.
    I am researching the real approval numbers of the State of the Union. So seems Republicans and Independants liked it and the Democrats more than loathed it.
    Do you watch the videos Praeger University puts out?

    Keep safe

    1. Hi, Fiona, thank you for the site. A bunch of interesting sounding videos, we will check some of them out later today. Thank you again, hope all is well.


  10. Frank, great to see the site back up and running. I had a feeling you'd be back but didn't know when.


    1. Thank you, I'm not sure it's good to be back, but we'll see. Thank you very much, Reeldoc.