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The Road Home
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Production Pizza

A few days ago we made our first batch of tomato sauce (which was really great! It was great to have a dream come true and it tasted good to boot!). We had a little over a quart left over after we filled the canner and decided not to run the canner for a second batch with that little amount. So the next question was, what do we make with the leftover sauce?

Since I am back to work it is nice to have some prepared meals ready and in the freezer for those extra busy days. We like something we can take out and pop in the microwave and heat up quickly. We thought about lasagna, but I don't have any cottage cheese made, so we decided on pizza. I have shown how I make pizza before.This time I just tripled the recipe. I got started later than planned on this Friday evening after a long, busy week, but the grape fiasco took more time than we planned or wanted it to. By the time I got the pizzas close to cooking, it was already time to do the chores and feed the animals.

We were able to use several home grown or homemade items in our pizza which increases our enjoyment of this meal. The mozzarella was made last summer and frozen. The peppers were fresh picked from the garden, I made the dough from scratch and there is our beautiful tomato sauce. We used this roll of sausage that we buy from a young lady at church. The agriculture programs at schools in this neck of the woods sell sausage and bacon each year as a fund raiser and have for years and years. It is good and helps support the local kids so we are glad to buy it.

So, I got two of the pizzas put together while Frank got the items we needed for chores ready. I put the first one in the oven - due to the size of the pans, I can only cook one at a time. That gave us 25 minutes to do the chores and get back to the house, so off we went. When we got back we still had a few minutes left on the timer, so I started to put together pizza number three. Pizza number one came out and number two went in. While pizza number one was cooling a bit, I finished up number three and cleaned up my mess. I am really good at making messes when I cook!

Then we sat down to a late 7:30 dinner while pizza number two was still cooking. Just about the time number two was finished, so were we and I could start pizza number three cooking. While it was cooking I went and started the post on the grape fiasco. 


By the time they were all cooked, bagged and ready to be chilled before freezing and the post was written and published it was 9:30 pm - the end of a long 16 1/2 hour day. A very good productive day filled with laughing, learning children, a wonderful peaceful home and good home cooked food. I couldn't asked to be more blessed!

Until next time - Fern


  1. I admire your determination with the grapes. When things don't go as planned it can be so frustrating. Your adaptability is admirable.

    The pizza's look delicious. I like having things in the freezer that are pre-cooked; not doing as good getting that done these days with canning and helping family members who have either had surgery or are aging and need care.

    I just wanted Frank to know that my husband has decided to learn about ham radio's because of his posts. I just ordered the book he requested and he's been following what Frank has written recently and reading old posts.

    Thank you both for sharing your adventures and helping your readers to learn along the way.

  2. The tomato sauce looks great!
    Pizza is always a good idea! They look delicious!