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Monday, September 30, 2013

Button Up Your Shirt

I find it difficult to buy shirts these days. I prefer to wear button up shirts and I like for them to be pretty and feminine, but it has become increasingly difficult to buy a decent shirt that actually buttons all the way up. They used to. Now they stop short in my opinion. Take this shirt, for instance.

I like the material, the way it is made and the way it fits. But it needs to have one more button to make it decently modest for me. I understand that for many people this would not be an issue at all. 
But frankly, and excuse me, I am sick and tired of looking at cleavage everywhere I turn. Keep it to yourself. It doesn't belong out in public. I had an administrator in Alaska once that described part of the school dress code like this. "No cleavage front or rear. Students and staff alike." Ditto. Has anyone heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? Since when is it okay for indecent clothing to be considered fashionable and reasonable for public display? And just because some people prefer that fashion, why is it almost impossible to buy clothing that is not revealing? Frank and I both agree that it is disgraceful the way some mothers dress their daughters. I am saddened by what has become the norm for many people in our society.

Well, back to my shirt problem. I tried sewing on a hook and eye, but the shirt didn't lay flat, so it didn't look good. I was glad to find out that this shirt came with an extra button on the inside seam. So I decided to make another button hole. 

I started off by removing the extra button....

figuring out where to put the new button hole, then I started sewing.

I could have set up the button hole attachment on my sewing machine, but by the time I had it ready, I would just about have this one made by hand.

When I finished sewing the button hole, I opened it up using a seam ripper.


I matched up the two sides of the shirt to figure out where the button needed to be attached. 

There. No one will ever be able to tell this shirt didn't come this way unless they very closely inspect the button holes and see that the thread I used is a shade darker than the original button holes. Now I am comfortable wearing my pretty, new shirt.

I am grateful God has blessed me with the opportunity to learn so many different things in my life, both skills and morals.

Until next time - Fern


  1. Good solution to an all too common problem. Tried googling 'modest clothing' and came up with a few sites. Surely there are many requests for modest clothes for all ages.

  2. I hear you, I have six girls. Three younger ones still at home, and shopping for clothes is a chore! I keep hoping turtlenecks come back into fashion :)
    Great idea for your button up shirt!

    1. I laughed out loud ! Great post . I too am tired of seeing cleavage . Even at CHURCH ! When did this become ok ?

  3. My Husband found your blog and we are both so enjoying it! It is disturbing how much "Skin" people show. They worry about assaults and yet they dress themselves and worse yet their young daughters like promiscuous adults! We are continually bombarded by bared skin images in advertising, movies and on TV. When do we make a Stand on Morality and say enough is enough? Thank you for your blogs and keep writing!

  4. Try this gallery of modest clothes sites.

    1. This gallery has many different sources for modest clothing. Thank you!