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Monday, June 10, 2013

Television? What television?

Most people will find this hard to believe or may not even believe it at all. We do not own a television. We repeat. We do not own a television and have absolutely no desire to have one in our home.

 We have not watched regular television programming for over 20 years. We have only had cable once for a few months in Barrow, Alaska and realized we weren't watching anything on it, so we turned it off. We have watched our fair share of movies off and on. When we lived in Alaska we watched Netflix movies for a few years.

Why did we quit watching TV? We realized a long time ago that most programming by the major networks were being manipulated by Madison Avenue. The goal was to get us to think a certain way, shop a certain way and act a certain way, because if we didn't, we were some how lacking. We began to find that most television programming was offensive, demeaning, sexually suggestive, rude and a waste of time. This still holds true today. 

When we realized how much TV promotes certain political, religious and moral views, it was plain that our conservative, Christian, pro-life values were and are under attack. Everywhere we go we hear, "Did you see.......?" Is this random, by chance or a deliberate constructed means of influence and control? It appears to us to be a very effective means of destroying the family, stimulating moral decay and swaying the political views of most people.

Are there some programs on TV that are good, wholesome, informative programs? Sure there are. We know families that limit the amount and type of viewing allowed in their homes. One of the keys to anything is self-discipline and moderation. We have just chosen a different avenue.

How do we even know what is on TV now days? It is seldom we go to someone's house and the TV is not on. You can't sit in a doctor's waiting room without being subjected to a television.  As educators, we can see a marked change in the way children act, dress and interact with other children and adults. Terms like 'freeken', 'what the....' are only cute little ways to curse and are not allowed around us. When a whole generation of children is raised viewing and speaking in the manner of current TV programming, they do not know any different and for them it is 'normal'. We choose not to participate in this 'new normal'.

We choose the news we read and the images we view by using the internet for our information. The choice is ours to read, think and analyze information - not some talking head on a television. The results are remarkable. We are better informed today than we ever were when we only watched television news. This does not mean the internet cannot supply the same types of information and indoctrination that television does. It has the same lure and addictive possibilities. The key is in the choosing.

Whether the content of TV influences society, or society influences the content of TV, we are in serious trouble. Something to think about. Choose what you fill your mind with. Don't let others choose for you.


  1. I completely agree with y'all we do own a television but no cable, we are very wary of it especially because we have 3 young children. If you guys saw some of the new shows they are promoting you'd be appalled one of them is called mistresses which is glorifying adultery... and even the kid stuff is yuck like you said with the "cute" curse words.

    1. We don't miss television at all. We have lots of other things to do everyday. As an educator I am appalled at what comes out of the kids mouths from television. It's sad. - Fern

  2. I live in OK, too, a few (maybe a hundred?) miles west of you just south of Norman. We do not have cable or satellite, but with our vulnerability to severe weather, we are not willing to be without TV weather coverage. I have no doubt that the coverage the weather people gave during the recent storms saved lives.
    I certainly agree that TV has become a cesspool. Fortunately, there are a few channels that run decent programs- although they are from the '60s and '70s!

    1. Jeff,
      We do wish we had a television to watch radar during storms sometimes, but we watch the National Weather Service radar and watch live feed from local TV websites on our computer. We also listen to NOAA on our weather radio.
      During the storms in Moore recently we were watching the live feed on Channel 9 News out of Oklahoma City. It was a very scary day. By the time the storms got here, it was dark.
      May God be with all of those that lost family and homes. We continue to pray for them.
      Frank and Fern

  3. This is how I feel even that I do watch some TV. I would love to do away with our TV but I don't think my husband is going to let me do that. Mostly I play on the computer but I am working on getting off of that. I just wish it was not so hot out all the time.