The Road Home

The Road Home
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peace in a Stressful World

Why did we decide to start blogging? Good question. We have talked about it for awhile and thought, no, we want our lives to remain private and unknown to the world. But we have been blessed with the gumption and desire to prepare for what the world may bring. We have been blessed with guidance from God to do the things necessary for survival (we hope) should our world and country take a turn for the worse, whatever the reason may be.

We have lived our lives in a preparedness mode for many, many years - buying green beans by the case at Sam's Club because it was more economical back in the 80's, buying things on sale or not at all, and not buying anything we couldn't pay for. In 30 years, we have paid our credit card bill in full almost every month with few exceptions. If we don't have the money, we don't buy.

Our lives have taught us many things through experience. We have been blessed to live in rural America for many years and our educational careers have also provided us the opportunity to live in remote, bush Alaska. It seems that all of these experiences have brought us to this point - watching the demise of many things we hold dear in our country.

Much time is spent in mental preparation. It would be comforting in some ways to know in advance what the future holds so we could pinpoint our preparations in that direction, but we rely on guidance and direction from God. He has brought us here and will lead us on, and in that we find peace and comfort.

We have chosen to use pseudonyms on our blog to maintain some anonymity. Our location is also intentionally vague. In these days and times there is good reason for caution in sharing personal information in such a public forum. 

We encourage and welcome the sharing of ideas and information among those that read here. There is always much to be learned. 

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