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The Road Home
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Have Sweet Potatoes

A few weeks ago, I couldn't wait any longer to see if we had sweet potatoes growing under all of those vines. 

So, I got out the spading fork and picked a spot not far from the base of one of the original vines and started to dig.

Brother and Pretty Girl were just fascinated with the process and I had to work at missing them as I dug.

I was disappointed that the first potato I found was pretty small. But I was surprised to find out it was white instead of the characteristic orange/yellow. Then as I got closer to the
base of the plant I found a few more that were decent size. Not big, but okay. I only wanted enough for dinner, so I stopped there. Sometimes I am just too impatient to wait. This was one of those times.


I had some roast that we had cooked the day before that we could have with the potatoes. We also had one of our last yellow squash that I decided to throw in.

I really like this cast iron pot. It is a small dutch oven and a great size. I baked everything together with a little salt and pepper.

The potatoes were good - just like sweet potatoes. The squash was too old and hard. The chickens got that part.

We will be digging up the rest of the sweet potatoes in a few days. I'll show you how we grew them from beginning to end and show you the harvest. I hope we have a good number to store for winter. The more we can put by, the less we will have to depend on any other food source. Remember the story of the grasshopper and the ants? Work hard. Be wise. Enjoy life.

Until next time - Fern


  1. What's up with the Nazi book on the shelf in your header photo. Not judging just curious. It could be about the holocaust for all I know, or it could be a Hindu text, collectors item, or war memorabilia. Really, what's up with that?

    1. Astute observation, but it's nothing sinister. (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, A History of Nazi Germany, by William L. Shirer, copyright 1959) It is what the title says, a history of Nazi Germany. A number of years ago, it was required reading in some college classes.
      An obscure group of intellectuals see some similarities between the events in this book and current events. But again, good eye.


    2. Not really, the good eye I mean. It kind of sticks out. I have been learning about the Holocaust lately so maybe it only sticks out to me. I will look into "The Rise and Fall". If you don't learn from history and all that. Seriously, even if it was sinister, you can't learn unless you read it. I don't mean learn to hate people or anything but you can learn what the other guys are teaching and maybe undo some of the damage because you know. I love books so I was looking at yours. I have read some of the same ones. (Of the titles I could make out.) I guess you have three of the same JWR book to give away when you find someone who is willing to learn? I gave my copy away and need to get another.=)

  2. I have a problem with sweet-potato-loving armadillos. It's time to go find my favorite sweet potato vendor and stock up for the winter.

  3. Armadillo is actually really good to eat......the ultimate revenge!