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The Road Home
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham......Radio?

Do you remember the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss? It is a great book for kids. They love to hear it over and over. And since I am a teacher, I have read it to my students many times.

Well.....since we now have Auracana chickens and have been getting green eggs, we knew the day would come when we decided to have green eggs and ham.

There is a line in the book where the main character Sam I Am is asking if his friend would eat green eggs in certain situations or with certain company.

Could you? Would you, with a goat? Well, we might have goat with eggs......but not green eggs and ham with a goat.

Eggs with goat roast

I was actually laughing as I cooked this meal thinking about the funny characters in this book and what I might say here on the blog. The thing that made me laugh out loud was this.

Instead of Sam I Am with green eggs and ham......

it would be Frank the Ham......

eating green eggs and ham. 
Isn't life grand? 

You see, there are all sorts of things that will be needed in a long-term disaster or collapse. Things that will provide comfort, entertainment and distraction from the stresses of everyday - especially for children. Even though I really don't know who these toys may benefit, I have felt the need to stock a few things that may come in handy someday.

And, as I said in a previous post, you can NEVER have too many books - books for people of all ages and interests. And sometimes, they even contain valuable information about how people used to live, such as the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder that we read last summer. Information that may make your life a little easier, or more survivable when hard times are here.

Do what you can to prepare this week. Hard times are close upon us. The wolf is at the door.

Blessings to you all - Fern


  1. If you have a toybox, and stock it, they will come! Trust me, I filled a bookcase with kiddie books (all my favorites), and a toybox with simple toys (all my favorites) and they came as if called by the dinner bell. Great fun to have little shorties to play with and read to.

  2. I recognized the little house books! I still have mine from when I was a child. They are part of my "entertainment stash", and we don't even have children. Thank you for this post - it was a fun read.