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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April 19

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

April 19th is a big day in our country. No, you don't get the day off and it's not the birthday of some old, dead President, but it is a day that you need to pay attention.

  • Avoid crowds. Of course I stole that from Ol' Remus.
  • Next, look at the first rule.
This will be a short article so don't go to sleep just yet. 

Follow me now.

Lexington and Concord - April 19, 1775
Our government attacked the citizens, or they were going to, anyway. You say, No Frank, that's not right. It was the British soldiers that attacked. Well, the heroes of that time that we call heroes, the American Revolutionaries, were British citizens and spoke British English. But getting back to the point, they were coming after us.

Waco, Texas - April 19, 1993
David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, a religious leader, a preacher, I guess you would say, helped fund his church by legally buying and selling used guns.
Every morning Reverend Koresh went for a jog and stopped in a little cafe and had coffee to shoot the breeze with the local folks. This was his routine, daily. I do believe these folks were Christians and they chose to live their life together. If they, the government, wanted to talk to Mr. Koresh, why didn't they have a cup of coffee with him? Instead, they lied to the Governor of the State of Texas to get her military equipment after their unsuccessful raid of the Branch Davidian compound. Why did they have to kill, or better yet murder, all of those women and children? Why did they have to burn them to death in an inferno?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - April 19, 1995
The Murrah Federal Building. Timothy McVeigh and some of his helpers detonated a bomb directly in front of the Murrah Building.
The ground level floor was something similar to a daycare with little children. There are a lot of discrepancies and stories that came out of that escapade. The Oklahoma City (OKC) fire department just happened to be doing a bomb drill that morning. There were FBI agents from Dallas in OKC that lied about being there. Sadly, they used a private credit card for their hotel room. Why was the OKC bomb sniffing dog team out practicing that morning? Other people on death row stay there for years, but not Timothy McVeigh. Why were entire offices of federal agents empty the day of the Murrah blast? Why did they kill all of those women and children?

There are other tragic events that happened on April 19th, but the reason for this short article is to remind you that April 19th will be here very soon. There are people out there that will kill you, your family and everyone in your area for their convenience and no one will ever be prosecuted for it.

On a side note. It's also Holy Week. Sunday. Easter is the biggest holiday in the Christian world. 

Pay attention everybody. Remember, there are those that will do you harm.

We'll talk more later,  Frank



  1. the evil doers will be prosecuted, just not here on earth

    1. Hi, Deb. I do pray the evil doers are prosecuted, but also here on earth. What goes around comes around. Amen.


  2. The importance of April 19th should be understood and remembered. Devastating tragedies on this date have affected us all to some extent. Our right to privacy has been restricted because the government thinks it knows best (in the interest of security). All the while, these security issues were perpetrated by the government itself. Unfortunately, most Americans don't make the connection between the two events. Sadly, we have been manipulated and brainwashed by masters. When will our people wake up and realize that we are no longer the home of the free? The "brave" are our only hope.

    1. Mary, thank you for sharing.

      Are people going to wake up? Someone will have to turn off their TV and cell phones and take away their Cheetos first. For the majority of the people the government does know best. They still have their TV, cell phones and Cheetos.

      Fern and I have this discussion on a regular basis. I don't think the people will ever wake up. Their minds have been conditioned through generations of propaganda that all is well. A few years back it was referred to as normalcy bias.

      A little more, a little more and a little more. We lose, they gain. One day the door to the cage will shut. Don't be near the cage and don't get on the bus. Know where you are.


  3. Thank you for bringing the April 19th events of our past to my attention. April 19, 2019, could be just another day, but then...maybe not. It will be a good day to practice those special rules. Take care and prepare, CWfromIowa

    1. Hi, CW. April 19th can happen any day. It can happen anywhere, day or night. Our country has had many, many days similar to April 19th. We've had many Americans and others succumb to the whims of the leadership, expendable fodder. It will happen again and again. The noose is getting tighter.

      Know where you are at all times. And who you're with. "If you trust no one, no one will betray you."

      Have you dried out yet? Frank

  4. Frank,
    Lots of evil doing by those entrusted with our well being. There will be a day of judgement for all. R.I.P. Lavoy Finnicum , American patriot. The ostrich head in the sand is an appropriate picture of most of our citizens.
    Yes, this is Resurrection Sunday and that gives us hope for a better place in the future.

    1. Hi, Bluesman. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and in my humble opinion, most of us will live in a better place. But right now, well ask Lavoy Finnicum, he's in a better place. But we are still here and they have the perceived big stick. In the case of Lavoy, it's okay for federal agents to murder United States citizens. Ask Randy Weaver. It happens often.

      I don't think we're going to make it through this thing alive.

      Thank you, Bluesman.

      Frank Feral