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The Road Home
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Corn Pancakes, Mmm-Mmm Good!

Frank had a brilliant idea this evening - Pancakes for supper! We don't have them very often, so they are a real treat. Our favorites are Corn Pancakes. I don't remember where I got this recipe. I have had it for a very long time.

The ingredients are fairly simple and it's a quick meal that is very filling and tastes great. It's excellent comfort food.

Gather your ingredients.

Put them in a bowl. Stir.

Cook. I dip the batter out with a 1/4 cup measuring cup. It makes a nice size cake. I use olive oil in the batter and to cook with. It is the only kind of oil we use.

I butter each pancake as they come out of the pan. Frank likes them that way, so I enjoy doing it just for him. That's one of those neat things wives can do for their husbands. I'm using store bought butter now
since we aren't getting much milk from one goat. It definitely makes a dent in the amount of cream we have to make butter. I like to cover the stacks with a flour sack towel to keep them warm as I cook. It works great.


We enjoy good ole' maple syrup with our pancakes.

There you have it. A quick, easy, yummy meal that is a treat to eat. As I make these types of recipes and meals, I think about the ingredients I am 
using. These are the things I need to store and have on
hand for the long term. What things do you need to add to your storage that will benefit your family if there is a grid down situation like the show 'American Blackout' that many people are talking about? What if the lights hadn't come back on? Then what? Take the time each day to ponder the needs of your family. Then get to work.

Until next time - Fern

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