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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Potato Salad

We were wanting something a little different to eat and the potatoes we grew last spring were trying to sprout, so one way to use them up is to make potato salad.

Some of them are starting to get a little wrinkled, so I used them first. We also came out with a few that had interesting shapes. I don't ever peel our potatoes. It doesn't matter if I am making potato salad, mashed potatoes or fried potatoes, I don't peel them. They are full of nutrients like fiber, B vitamins, calcium, no fat, no sodium and no cholesterol. We always eat them.

I did cut off the discolored areas and cut them into bite sized chunks before I boiled them for ten minutes. We also boiled up another dozen eggs.

I have tried to make a sourdough starter before, but it didn't work. I have read that potato water works well when trying to make a sourdough starter, so I got out my cookbook and looked up the recipe again. I put it together after I got the potato salad finished up. I hope it 'starts' this time.
This is another one of those dishes I don't have a recipe for. So here are my measurements, precise as always. A little bit of chopped store bought onion. We just can't grow onions, at least not yet.

While the potatoes were cooling, I peeled......

and chopped the eggs.

I put in this much mayonnaise and mustard. We use real mayonnaise. It has more natural ingredients and less things that I cannot pronounce. Yes, it has more fat. I would rather eat that than unpronounceable chemicalized goo.

Add this much pepper....

.....and this much parsley. Did you know that parsley is very good for you? It's not just a pretty leaf to decorate your plate. It has vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, potassium, calcium, manganese and B vitamins, just to name a few. I tend to put parsley in many of our meals in much larger amounts than you would expect. It is a good natural source of many nutrients. And in some instances, it adds a nice visual touch.

This time I added a good sized spoonful of the green tomato and pepper relish we made. It is a sweet relish. I usually use a dill relish or chopped up dill pickles in potato salad, but we wanted to try this new relish.

Since I don't use a set recipe for potato salad, Frank says it never tastes the same twice. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it's not. This time it could have used a little more relish and pepper, but it was good. We made up some deviled eggs to go with it. We already had some chevre cheese seasoned with onions and salt. So we stuffed some celery, added it to the potato salad and deviled eggs and had a good lunch. 

Simple. Good. Wholesome. Homegrown. We are blessed.

Until next time - Fern


  1. Now you have me going....Ralph is going to have a potato salad in his lunch. I am going to add the salsa like you do. I have not tried that before. I don't peel the potatoes either. People loose so much of the nutrition that way but then again commercial crops have who knows what on them. I have had very good luck with a strain of Potato called Caribe. They produce new potatoes early and store really well. Large almost neon purple skin and really white flesh. Thank you for the lunch idea.
    Have a marvelous day!

  2. I'd love to know how to make that green tomato and pepper relish. It looks delicious. I used my green tomatoes this year to make salsa verde.

    1. The post on the relish is here:

      Thanks for asking!