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The Road Home
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Friday, May 16, 2014

Cabbage Soup

We baked a ham a few days ago. As I was putting the leftovers away, I thought the broth would make a good soup. Next was to figure out what I could put in there that would be good.

We had some celery, cabbage and onions which would make a good start. So I heated up the broth and added some ham chunks.

I wanted to try some of our dehydrated peppers, along with some parsley and garlic.

While that was cooking, I decided a jar of our carrots from last summer sounded good. I added them to the pot, water and all, to add more liquid to the broth.

Next, in went some chopped up onion and celery.

Then I chopped up about a third of a head of cabbage. It didn't take long to cook everything up.

This gave us a quick, nutritious meal with leftovers to boot. We decided the ham broth was a little strong and needed to be diluted more. I added another cup or so of water to the soup before I put it in the frig. When I heat it back up I will add a diced potato. That should absorb some of that strong flavor as well.

There are so many different meals that can be made simply from things you have on hand. Our only problem is figuring out what to call them so we can give this post a title, otherwise they would forever remain nameless. We hope to soon be able to get our fresh vegetables from the garden instead of the store. There are several different things we want to try preserving this summer to extend our ability to eat homegrown food. We'll see how it goes, and share with you along the way.

Until next time - Fern


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    1. Thanks, Sandra. It was better the second time with some diced potatoes in it. But we still have cabbage, so, hmmm, what's next?


  2. That looks so good! A good meal for a not-too-hot day. (Hasn't the weather been beautiful this week?)

    1. The weather has been great this week, Kathi. We got rain off and on for a few days and now we may get more during the weekend. The garden is taking off, and so are the weeds! Time to get everything mulched in.