The Road Home

The Road Home
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hay Time

We talked to a friend at church about getting some hay. He called a few days ago about supper time and said he was finished cutting hay for the day and asked when we wanted to come and get it. We were thinking sometime in the next few days and he said, "What about now?" 

So we shut down the kitchen, hooked up the trailer, and went and loaded up the hay. Our all purpose 16 foot flatbed trailer will haul 3 large round bales. We made two trips, the last one after dark. When we came home we unhooked the trailer in front of the barn instead of trying to back it into it's usual spot, and had a very late supper.

We were sure glad he called and was a little bit suggestive about loading and hauling that night because we have had severe weather and lots of rain every day since then. Even though we didn't want to go and haul hay when it was supper time, sometimes it's important to listen to others promptings. 

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